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Do You Actually Believe LeBron?

Will LeBron stay for the rest of his career?

At LeBron James' "I'm Coming Home" ceremony, James stated to the many fans, friends and family that he was "not going anywhere." His new contract, to me, begs to differ. LeBron signed a two-year, max contract to return back to the Cavaliers, a franchise he played the first seven years of his career with. But do you actually think he will stay passed that second year?

LeBron said his decision was strictly a "business decision." But what kind of business decision? Is it because after two years, the projected salary cap would increase, therefore LeBron's new deal with the Cavs would be larger in terms of dollars per year then they are now? Honestly, how much money do you really need? You'd be able to make the difference just in your endorsement deals. That's the most likely scenario.

Who's to say that he wouldn't up and leave if the Cavs, with all their new reinforcements, should they fail to live up to their new found finals hype? He essentially did this to the Miami Heat, all but guaranteeing he'd be back there. He had Dwyane Wade opt of his old deal which payed him $21 million per year for the next two year's so that he could re-sign with the Heat. He had pretty much let most know he was returning. Then within a few short weeks, he ended up back home. But who's to say that if he doesn't like the direction the Cavs go for the next two year's, that he doesn't look for another opportunity to cash in with another franchise in search for another ring?

Listen, I'm in no way shape or form ragging on this guy. He takes enough heat from everyone else. I actually gained more respect for the guy because of the fact that he decided to go back home with a chance to make things right. But if he's truly planning on staying the rest of his career where it started, why didn't he just sign for max years at the same time? To give your fan base a little more clarity on whether you truly mean what you say. What's business about it? Sign for max years. I understand he's doing what he thinks the best decision for him, but if it's about money, how much more do you really need? When he becomes a free agent again, there again will be no shortage of suitor's again.

If he decides to leave again, do you know what will happen? World War III? They might try to burn more then just his jersey. For now, everything is falling right in place for him. Kyrie Irving is signed for max money and year's, they are on the verge of acquiring Kevin Love, amidst the talks of a potential blocking of a deal, they are acquiring the right role player's and Jesus Shuttlesworth may be next to fall in line.

All is well in Cleveland right now