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Debate: Win One Ring Now Or Rebuild, Win Multiple Later

Would you mortgage your future or build from the ground up?

As a fan of all sport's, as well as being from the New England area, I myself have been pretty fortunate the last 10 to 15 years of my life. I've watched every major American sport's team in New England win a championship, which is something that a lot of people can't say regardless of where they're from. That's not to step all over anyone else. I love watching all the team's across America. Yes, I love my team's but I watch all, but I digress from what's really going on.

At some point, all of a team's star player's will be gone, retired, traded and what have you. Dynasties will slowly fade away. Free agency allow's player's to come together to create a super team. Free agency allows player's to make as much money as humanly possible. Free agency doesn't allow player's to stay with their original teams, unfortunately. Trade's happen all the time for the benefit of a team and another's future. Team's will mortgage their future just to win today. There are not a lot of franchise's that will build a team from the ground up to win tomorrow. Patience in sports is something that's gone out the window. Fan's expect to win now. I think at the end of the day, owners want to win right now as well, but can they? Do they have what it takes to get the proper pieces in place.

So my question to all of you is simple:

Would you mortgage the future of your current and favorite team's to win a Championship today? Or would you do it the old fashioned way and build your franchise up through your draft, potentially creating a dynasty for year's and year's?

I myself, am very back and forth with this. I want to win right now. But it all depends on what part of my future I have to give up.

 For instance, the Boston Celtics were going after a player by the name of Kevin Love. They have many assets including some decent and young talent. In a deal for Love, they would have to give up most of it. I would be all for that trade. Many if not all would not pan out and Love is a sure thing. I have no problem with that kind of deal. 

The Boston Red Sox have always been rumored in wanting to acquire Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. The Marlins would hold a kings ransom against whomever lands Stanton. This is a trade I don't think I could make, only because the Red Sox farm is completely loaded with talent, having to give up most of it for one player would be a tough pill for me to swallow. So I'd probably balk at a transaction with that kind of magnitude.

So I'm pretty back and forth, only in certain situations. More often then not, I'd say to hell with tomorrow, let's get at it today. But it really depends on how much of your future you're giving up. But for the sake of the article, I'd have to say I'm a win now kind of guy. I have no problem with a rebuild and waiting for your talent to mature. The problem with sports society is that there is not an ounce of patience. Owners pay everyone under him to win, to create a winning culture, to generate revenue, revenue comes with winning. So a rebuild for a team, more often then not goes out of the window.

In closing, I would love to hear your take on this type of situation. I want to know if you'd mortgage your future or if you would build from the ground up. Tell me, SportsBloggers!