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Celtics Miss Out, Lose Love. Here's What's Next

Whats next for the Celtics?

It sound's it wasn't for the lack of trying, but who really know's what was said, what was offered, or if they even remotely had the chance, but the Boston Celtics will be losing out on someone who they have coveted all offseason, Kevin Love. The Celtics lost their opportunity to pounce early this offseason when they were reluctant to part with more then just Kelly Olynyk or Jared Sullinger and a couple 1st round pick's. Not enough. And now with the Cleveland Cavaliers new/old GM LeBron James calling the shot's, they have now included 1st pick in this year's draft, Andrew Wiggins, in the seemingly upcoming trade for the all-star power forward. 


Even LeBron calling Kevin Love to let him know that he really want's to play with him in Cleveland is the icing on the cake. Wiggins is all but safe. Love is on his way in. If and when the trade occur's, the Eastern Conference will have have to go through Cleveland.

In putting a ton of effort for Love, many free agent's have come off the board. James went back home, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade re-upped with Miami, Lance Stephenson signed with the Hornets, Gordon Hayward ended up back in Utah, Isaiah Thomas goes to Phoenix, hell, even Paul Pierce moved, signing with the Wizards. So needless to say, granted Boston never really had a chance to get anyone of these player's, they are however losing opportunities on going after player's that can help now, should they try to compete now. 

Should they decide to compete, they need to think about building a team around Rajon Rondo, or he is as good as gone come next offseason. Pairing him with another good guard or forward would be a nice lift, adding a bruising power forward or center would be a necessity. With Love out of the picture they will have to look at secondary option's like restricted free agent's Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe. Potential trade scenarios, potentially involving Rondo's best friend Josh Smith may be something to look for (Not that there is leg's to that, just a thought).

Should they decide to play out the year with what they have, it could be another long year in Boston but with exciting young talent. With new rookies Marcus Smart and James Young, newly acquired center Tyler Zeller, returning member's Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger with another year under their belt, and a bunch of expiring deals that come off the books in 2015, it could be a complete overhaul of youth in Boston, resulting in a potential unloading of Rajon Rondo.

It's tough to gauge what the C's want to do at this point. There is still so much to accomplish this offseason with so much time left. The potential for fireworks are still there, but it may not be the one's that most had hoped for. They can still net plenty of talent via trade's, but they can still set themselves up nicely next offseason if they play their card's right. Me, I'd rather compete now and every year. I want the best player's I can possibly get, RIGHT NOW. But all good thing's come with time. We will get a better idea of what's in store, in time. 

My gut tell's me that they will have a tough time making thing's happen this offseason, therefore having to play with what they've got currently on their roster. This, in turn, may end up being the last year for Rajon Rondo. You don't draft a point guard as high as they did, with the intent of having them work together. They will try to make some noise next offseason when they have plenty of contract's coming off the book's, a lottery pick in hand, and other asset's to play with. Regardless, it looks to be another long year in Boston for the Celtics again.

Keep your finger's crossed and hope I'm wrong, New England. But keep the faith.