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Dream Home Run Derby Participant's By Position: Left Field

Hard hitting LFs. Who do you got?

In the 5th installment of " Dream Home Run Derby Participant's" we will take a look at a premium position which has showcased many power hitting player's over the course of time:

Left Field.

More often the not, corner outfield spots are for power hitter's that can't field that well, that have pretty good arms to compensate for that. But what they can do is hit absolute missiles over a fence.

Anyways, let's get on with this segment, this one is going to be am exciting one. Remember, in no particular order:

1. Barry Bonds - Need I say more? Yes I know he took steroids, but honestly, without them I still think he would have been at least a 600 home run type of player. One of the best lefty power hitter's of all time. Pittsburgh should have never let go of this guy. An absolute beast at the plate. I've never seen someone get walked so much, intentionally. When given an opportunity to swing the bat, he made it count.

2. Ryan Braun - I feel like I'm picking a lot of people tied to steroids in baseball. In all reality, I'm picking player's who fans would love to watch hit the long ball, chick's dig it. Ryan Braun is no exception. Since he entered the league, he has been a top home run hitter in the National League. His compact swing is a pretty one and one that can absolutely get into one. When he does, it'll go a long, long way.

3. Manny Ramirez - My favorite baseball player of all-time. Arguably the best right handed hitter ever to step into the batter's box, Ramirez never disappointed. Someone that can hit over .300 every year and hit you 30 to 40 home run's a year, has to go down as one of the greatest, right? He did that forever. He could hit from line to line with absolute power, which also happens to be a reason that he never did the home run derby. He always thought it would mess up his swing. In batting practice, he took a lot of pride and time to spray the ball all around the field without putting very many out. How couldn't you love watching Manny be Manny at the dish?

4. Matt Holliday - A little bit of a stretch but a ton of power nonetheless. He's got a very nonviolent and potent swing. A lock for 25-30 home runs a year, the guy can definitely mash with the best of them. Arguably a top 3 left fielder in the game right now. 

5. Albert Belle - This would be a fun one to watch. One of the most feared hitter's in the last 25 year's, Albert Belle could hit with the best of them. An easy 40 home run type of player, Belle deposited many over 400 foot home runs. His best year's were as a Cleveland Indian. There's not a doubt in my mind that if entered in the Derby, the guy would probably win. 

6. Yoenis Cespedes - Built like an absolute animal, Cespedes can tear the cover off the ball. He can easily launch 450 feet plus. Having won the Home run derby last year, there's not a doubt that he couldn't win one again and bring that "wow" factor. 

So many unbelievable talent's here. So many to choose from, making am kind of decision a difficult one. Braun and Holiday are among left fielders with power, but do they bring that excitement to a derby? Probably not. Ramirez, Bonds, and Belle would and they would put up a serious fight. The winner of this Derby may end up coming from this position, so with that: 

My Verdict: Manny Ramirez 

Honorable Mentions: 

Carlos Gonzalez 

Joe Carter 

Moises Alou 

Jim Rice 

Luis Gonzalez 

Bryce Harper

 A very difficult decision, but a fun one. Let me know who you think deserve's to be in Manny Ramirez' spot. 

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