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Free Agent Frenzy: An Understatement

The first domino fell, here comes the rest...

We all knew the moment LeBron James figured out where he was going to take his talent's, that everything else would follow suit. But I don't think anyone thought it would bring this much chaos. Chaos might be an understatement.

LeBron decided to take his talent's back to Ohio, which was the right thing to do, but that's topic for another discussion. This in turn would've broke the big three up in Miami, Chris Bosh would end up in Houston while Dwyane Wade was rumored to be looking at Chicago with Carmelo Anthony. Absolutely bonkers. Jeremy Lin was traded to the Lakers to free up additional cap space to re-sign Chandler Parsons, who signed an offer sheet with the Dallas Mavericks and to sign Bosh to a max contract.

Once again, a bombshell dropped. According to Yahoo! Sport's, Chris Bosh has finalized a max contract offer to remain in Miami. This may be his best opportunity since leaving Toronto, at being the man in their offense.Their next move seems to be focusing on Dwyane Wade and retaining his rights. More then likely a max contract.

So where does that leave Houston? No one knows. But they still have a very solid roster going into next season but still may look to shed salary to still land a very good free agent or through a trade. You wonder of Bosh ever fully committed to Houston. They will more then likely push to resign Parsons and push for another free agent.

On a side note, Kevin Love trade talk has been upcoming again now that LeBron has signed. Chris Broussard of is reporting that the Cavaliers have offered a deal to Minnesota centered around Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, and a first round pick, to which Minnesota may have already declined. But it's blatantly obvious that a deal may end up working out as Minnesota is going to want Andrew Wiggins. Cleveland will eventually pony up Wiggins in a deal for Love.

Carmelo Anthony is still trying to work on where he will end up. Reports came out just yesterday afternoon that he was more then likely going to re-sign with the New York Knicks but that he is having second thoughts about that and mat want to create a super team in Chicago. He's recently told the Lakers that he is no longer considering playing for them.

One team we haven't heard much from today outside of a three team deal the other day is the Boston Celtics. It's uncertain where they stand in this offseason. They look to be out of the race for Kevin Love. They may look to try a few more creative ways to acquire him. More then likely those ways will be through a three way deal to get Minnesota the proven talent they truly want. The Celtics are loaded with assets, expiring contract's, and non guaranteed contract's. They may end up continuing their rebuild, unload star guard Rajon Rondo to a team a point guard away from championship aspirations.

Phoenix Suns are now working on a sign and trade with the Sacramento Kings that would net them Isaiah Thomas. What does this mean for Eric Bledsoe? What does that mean for Goran Dragic? Does that push one of the guard's out of Phoenix? 

Pau Gasol recently posted to his twitter account that he was close to signing a deal with one of his potential suitors. He, as recently as a few hours ago, turned down an offer from the Lakers, so it seems as if he is looking for a chance at a ring with a contender. Chicago, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and New York are all vying for his service's. A dark horse candidate may be Miami who all of a sudden has cap space. They are also looking at free agents to fill the void left by LeBron. Luol Deng and Trevor Ariza top the list's at small forward.

It's nutty season.

One things for certain. LeBron James started this ruckus (not that this is bad), but I don't think anyone saw these bombshells coming.