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Why Flip Is Smart To Wait For LeBron Decision...

Saunders has been in no rush to trade his star player...

With the outcry of LeBron James decision looming, many team's have tried to go under the radar to acquire other big name free agent's or pursue trade option's. A name fielding most of these call's is Minnesota Timberwolves coach, general manager, part owner, part player, part ball boy, part announcer, part district attorney, Flip Saunders. He has been fielding massive amounts of calls from team's that are trying to acquire his lone superstar, Kevin Love.

Now many, including myself, thought that Love would have been traded by now but that obviously has not happened. Many team's have offered quality player's in return for Love, many team's have offered draft pick's, as well as young talent. Yet, Flip has not taken the bait. Not once.

And he's smart for not jumping the gun, as much as it pain's even myself.

We all know where I'd like him to go, but this is besides the point. Saunders isn't a rookie GM in this situation. Though he hasn't been the greatest coach that's walked the sidelines, he's actually been pretty calm as a GM regarding the Love situation. He hasn't needed to rush to trade the big man out of UCLA. Essentially he's willing to wait as long as he can to get what he thinks Love is worth, a kings ransom. He's also waiting for the first big bombshell to drop (insert disgusted Decision 2.0 face here) before he really starts to stir the Love pot.

Any team's that fall short of landing LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Pau Gasol and more, will be looking for creative way's to drastically improve their roster. Trade's could be that way out of their divisions cellar. Kevin Love will top that list. The main reason Flip is smart for waiting is not only trying to convince Love to stay (won't happen), but team's that are starving for talent that swung and missed on big name free agent's will feel more obligated to give Saunders as much as it possibly takes to land Love. That being NBA ready player's, young talent, and future first round pick's. Someone will be crazy enough to give Flip whatever he want's. But at the end of the day, who would it be? He knows he won't get value for Love right away, but the longer he waits, the better off he is.

But he can't afford to wait too long, as he knows odds are Love will be leaving at season's end so he's not going to want to lose him for absolutely nothing. At the end of the day, Flip will trade him, to whom? No one knows. But he will get a pretty little penny for his franchise player.