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What Does Three Team Deal Mean For Boston, Cavs?

Will these two become teammates when the dust settles?

When word came across that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics had been involved in a three-team trade that netted the Celtics Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thornton from the Brooklyn Nets, and a future first round pick, the Cavs did themselves a favor by offloading three of their own contract's to further help themselves free up additional cap space for one, LeBron James.

What does this all do and mean for the future of both basketball team's?

Well for Boston it can mean more then a few things:

-They acquired a young talent at the center position that they haven't been able to find in some time with Tyler Zeller coming into the mix. Is he really the answer long term at the position? No one can really answer that, as he's still a young and maturing player.

-They acquired instant offense off the bench, something that they lacked all season last year, in Marcus Thornton. Also he has an $8.6 million dollar contract that expires at the end of the upcoming season. So he will be playing for his next payday.

-They have acquired yet another future first round draft pick which could end up being a fairly good pick should Cleveland teeter in and out of playoff contention in 2015.

 -With all that Boston acquired it also gave them more assets to burn through should the Celtics pull of more trade's this offseason because as it currently stand's, they are maxed out in terms of the salary cap. With that being said, they have a log jam of forward's, guard's, and draft pick's. Might those be used to acquire the guy from Minnesota? Will they throw in more then just Kelly Olynyk and throw in the newly acquired draft pick to sweeten the deal? If so, would they still have enough assets to acquire another player? It's possible. Unlikely, but possible. One thing is for sure, they have to make another move before the season start's as they have 17 player's on the roster. 15 are allowed. Something must be done if they plan on expediting a rebuild. They have all the opportunities to get themselves a lot better this upcoming season. Danny Ainge is going to have to get really creative to make these thing's happen. They have necessary part's, but can they do something or will they just go with the rebuild?

 For Cleveland, this also means more then a few things: 

-They acquired necessary cap space and more to go all in on re acquiring LeBron James and anyone he can take with him in term's of free agents.

 -Even if they don't net James, they can use that open cap space to pay for second tier talent's .

-But should they land James, they will be going all in on Kevin Love according to Yahoo! Sport's. They have the necessary assets in young talent with big upside, something Flip Saunders love's, as evidence by his draft selection this year, Zach Levine. 

The Cavs have made it perfectly clear, they are all in on King James by the moves lately and then the trade today. It's clear that there is a mutual feeling between the two parties but who know's where LeBron's head is taking him right now. Take every rumor with a grain of salt. Until he actually does something, like sign a new contract, pump the brake's a little. One rumor had him moving all his vehicle's from his South Beach house to his house in Akron, Ohio. How do you know whether or not he spend's his offseason home? We don't know, but it's also clear that LeBron holds the key to free agency for everyone. 

The sky is the limit for both team's. Things will start picking up and gaining more steam once Thursday hit's, the first day player's can put the ink on the dotted line. I know we've said it time and time again, but once LeBron finally decide's his fate, you'll see plenty of movement begin. We will see plenty tomorrow, but once that big domino effect occur's, look out.