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Large Three-Team Deal For Celtics, Cavs, Nets

Big three team deal could be the beginning of many moves...

In a fairly notable three team deal that look's a little complicated on paper, I'll spell it out for you and give a little bit of insight for each team involved:

Boston Trade's: Second Round pick to Cleveland, trade exception worth $10.3 Million to Cleveland

Boston Receive's: Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thornton, 2016 First round pick from Cleveland

Cleveland Trade's: Tyler Zeller to Boston, First round pick to Boston, Jarrett Jack to Brooklyn, Sergey Karasev to Brooklyn

Cleveland Receive's: Second Round pick from Boston, Trade exception from Boston worth $10.3 million

Brooklyn Trade's: Marcus Thornton to Boston

Brooklyn Receive's: Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev from Cleveland

Initial reaction: Boston win's the deal as they receive young talent, a first round pick and another expiring contract. The plus side is they get a young center which they have needed for some time. Or they have acquired more asset's for something bigger down the road. A very nice move by Danny Ainge.

This also help's Cleveland immensely as it free's up necessary cap space to offer LeBron James a max contract with some room to spare to add more veteran piece's to help themselves woo LeBron back home. A very solid move IF it work's out that way. If it doesn't, they could look to second tier free agent's like Chandler Parsons and Trevor Ariza.

Brooklyn get's a solid sixth man in Jack that can help backup Deron Williams after losing out on Shaun Livingston, who recently went to the Warriors.

This could be just the beginning of many move's to come over a short amount of time...