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LeBron: Is He Really That Low, Or Is It Just A Rumor?

Is James causing this uproar, or is it a rumor?

Rumor's have surfaced this afternoon that Carmelo Anthony is waiting for Chris Bosh to sign before he sign's his deal. The other rumor's that have trickled in late this afternoon that not only is Melo waiting for Chris Bosh to sign, Melo is waiting for Chris Bosh to sign with Houston so that he can sign with Miami.

Now obviously I'm uncertain as to how true this really is, but if it's remotely true, this can only be tied to one person really:

LeBron James.

My only thought on this is if LeBron has anything to do with it, it's a classless move. I understand it's a business, but if he kept Bosh in the dark about wanting Melo this whole time, then there's more respect taken away from James. In a sense, yous almost have to feel bad for Bosh, as he's given up quite a bit to play for the Heat. Now he deserve's to get payed like a max player, he deserve's to feel wanted, and he most certainly deserve's to play with someone that actually want's him. I've never defended Bosh since he's entered the league and I don't feel bad for player's that will make more in 20 game's then I'll ever see in my lifetime, but he doesn't deserve that.

My hope is that he isn't really that type of guy. To underscore someone just to get someone else in there, not exactly professional in my book. I understand that he has Miami in a vice grip and can have them do whatever he want's just so that he can stay, but really? You're going to do it this way? Not cool. Like I said, I know nothing. I hope it really isn't like this...

But, if this rumor has leg's and I'm Chris Bosh, I'm telling LeBron and Wade to pound sand. I'm going to Houston where I'll fit in better anyway. He got his ring's, now he can go play for money and go play for a much better team. Granted the West is a better conference, I think Bosh will fill in nicely and be a good consolation prize for Kevin McHale to play with. If they're also able to re-sign Chandler Parsons, they will compete with San Antonio all season long.

Do what's necessary Mr. Bosh.