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Dream Home Run Derby Participant's By Position: 3rd Baseman

Whos your choice for your raking 3rd baseman?

In this third installment of "Dream Home Run Derby Participant's", if you've all been involved, will be taking a look at 3rd base home run hitter's.

This section could be a little bit more fun as there are a little more to play around with here.

With that being said, let's hop right into the debate! Again, in no particular order:

1. Adrian Beltre - An absolute monster at the plate. Have you seen the swing where he goes down to a knee? How could you not love that? He hit's for power, he hit's for average, he can hit to all field's. There isn't a lot that he can't do. His glove is slick too. He has the kind of power that makes you wish you could hit half of what he can. the guy is an animal. I cannot recall a time where I saw a home run from him that wasn't absolutely smoked.

2. Troy Glaus - A lot of people have forgotten about Glaus, but the fact of the matter is, he could hit the ball a mile. You never knew what kind of at bat you were going to get from him, but when he got the good part of the bat on the ball, he'd hit the ball 500 feet in the air and 450 feet over the fence. Absolute moon shot's.

3. Ken Caminiti - Yes, I picked a steroid freak. But ultimately, I don't care about what he did off the field. I care about the absolute bomb's he would hit in pitcher's park's like in San Diego. He could hit the ball a country mile. It's not very often that you can find a switch hitting 3rd baseman that can hit for power from both side's of the plate. 

4. Alex Rodriguez - Yes, unfortunately I picked another steroid guy in A-Rod. It's really too bad what his career has come to. Don't get me wrong, it's all self inflicted and he's completely rich, so I don't feel that bad. But he went from being the face of Major League Baseball, a guy who could hit 40 home run's and drive in 120 RBI every year, who could hit for power from left field to right, to an injury prone player, who's body is breaking down from steroid use, oh and getting suspended for being a repeat offender. But I diverge. In his prime, he would not only hit for average, but for power and his sweet swing on a fat pitch right down the pipe, seeing him deposit deep in the left field stand's was always incredible. 

5. Mike Schmidt - He would have hardly made this list as this would have been his 25th year out of baseball. Who cares? I don't. How can you not have the all-time home run king for 3rd basemen on the list? The fact of the matter is, he was a very consistent player, who hit over 500 home run's for his career. Needless to say, the guy could rake.

6. Evan Longoria - This last choice was a pretty tough one. I thought maybe an up and comer like Manny Machado would have been a nice add to this list, but then I thought about David Wright. So After Further Review... (wink wink) I then realized that Evan Longoria can absolutely mash. He can hit the ball hard and all over the field. He's been a consistent threat at the plate, averaging well over 20 home run's for his career. 

This list has been easily the hardest one to choose from, mostly because you have a good mix of player's in their prime's currently, as well as player's that are not playing anymore. So what you're looking at is preference really. I'd love to hear your thought's on this. At first, I was thinking maybe A-Rod, but that is too easy. Then I thought maybe a little bit of an underdog like Caminiti. So I've come up with this:

My Verdict - Adrian Beltre

Honorable Mention's:

Manny Machado

Chipper Jones

Scott Rolen

David Wright

Matt Williams

Aramis Ramirez

I'd love to hear your input on this. Who got left off this list? 

Next Up: Shortstop's