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Dream Home Run Derby Participant's By Position: 2nd Baseman

Who tops your dream home run derby 2nd baseman list?

In the second installment of "Dream Home Run Derby Participant's", we will take a look at 6 second basemen in the last 25 year's that I believe would be well worth a watch in a home run derby.

This section may be the toughest to gauge, as in the last 20 to 25 year's, second base hasn't been a power position until a little more so recently. But nevertheless, that's not an excuse to not take a look at what we've got to play around with.

Remember, in no particular order:

1. Jeff Kent - Of the more powerful hitting second baseman in recent history, Kent career didn't take off initially until he landed in San Francisco where Barry Bonds resided. He won the NL MVP in 2000, mashing over 30 home runs that season and hitting over 30 more the following season. He holds the major league record for home runs by a second baseman with 351. So yeah, the guy can rake. And with a mustache like that, how couldn't he?

2. Chase Utley - Utley was more or less a little bit of a late bloomer, but in just 10 short years, he's hit 220 career home runs. Not bad. Once a pitcher unleashes a 95 mph inside fastball, lookout because it's 450 feet over the left center field wall. For not necessarily being a big guy, he can hit the ball a ton.

3. Bret Boone - Yes, the juiced version. A little bit of a reach here and he was in a home run derby in which he swung and completely missed a pitch. But from 2001 to 2005, he was over 30 home runs and 120 RBI. But nevertheless, he was intimidating and could plant a ball deep over the left field fence.

4. Robinson Cano - Baseball's premier power second baseman. While he's not putting the home run total's up like he did with the Yankees short porch, he still possess' 30 home run potential power. He's got a natural, beautiful swing, that's nonviolent. It's just a thing of beauty as is watching him launch one. He's won a few derbies himself.

5. Dan Uggla - Just an awful batter for average, but when Uggla connects, he surely can hit it a long way. It's too bad that his career has come to where it is now, because he really had the potential to be a great second baseman for a lot of year's but since his trade to the Braves he's been a ghost of himself. Regardless, if he get's the good part of the bat on the ball, yard work.

6. Ian Kinsler - From his days in Texas, the guy could instantly mash. It's not one of the kind of player's that he just kind of poke one out over the wall. It's a long goner. He's been a model of consistency over his entire career and he's had a solid one at that. The guy can flat out rake.

This one is definitely tough. It's hard to pass up on Chase Utley and a guy of Jeff Kents stature but at the same time how could you really pass on my verdict?

My verdict - Robinson Cano

Hard to pass up that kind of power and average from that position.

Honorable Mentions:
Craig Biggio
Brandon Phillips 
Aaron Hill 
Roberto Alomar
Rickie Weeks
Mark Bellhorn

And the debate continue's. I embrace it!

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