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Rondo, Hayward, Love: Where Do They Land? Part One

A look in potential deals this offseason

In this two part article, we will take a look at potential suitor's for these player's and where I believe they will land before training camp start's or by the trade deadline.

Let's start with Kevin Love.

Now we all have heard that this summer is the "Summer of Love". Rumor's have come and gone. Rumor's as to where he's going, when he's going, and how he's going have been plentiful. He was rumored to be going before the draft to more then a handful of team's, but since the draft has come and gone, some of those team's may have dropped out of the running as they filled need's in the draft and also in free agency as it has started this week. But let's make no mistake about it, he's going somewhere other then the Minnesota Timberwolves. Let's look at some interested team's:

The Chicago Bulls - The Bulls are still very much interested, even though they are full court pressing Carmelo Anthony at the moment. They have some asset's to give up with the like's of Carlos Boozer's expiring contract, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, and future first round pick's. He would fit in nicely with a healthy Derrick Rose and a true Center and team MVP in Joakim Noah as well as a deep bench and great coach.

The Boston Celtics - Boston's still in the hunt, but their chance's of landing him were better before the draft as they had two pick's in the first round. But since the draft has come and gone, it may be a little more difficult to land the talented forward. The Celtics still do have a good amount of asset's but it is in the form of young developing talent. In any trade scenario, the Celtics will be looking at a deal that involve's a plethora of future first round pick's (the Celtics had 9 first round pick's in the next 5 draft's before last week's draft) 3 trade exception's totalling over $12 million dollar's, expiring and non guaranteed contracts in Keith Bogans, Brandon Bass, Gerald Wallace, and Phil Pressey, and young talent in Jared Sullinger, and Kelly Olynyk. Should Boston land him, chances of keeping Rajon Rondo and adding another perennial all-star would be in the card's for Boston.

The Golden State Warriors - With Minnesota looking at trying to push for the playoff's this year, Golden State has plenty to offer. Minnesota is looking for veteran player's in a deal for Love and the Warriors have that. Golden State has been reluctant to give up the like's of Klay Thompson, but with a player similar to him on the free agent market (Chandler Parsons) there's a good chance that the Warriors could give up Thompson and sign Parsons, should Houston let him walk. You're looking at a deal involving David Lee, Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson and Draymon Green. A nice haul for Minnesota.

My Prediction - Golden State Warriors

Next let's take a look at restricted free agent, Gordon Hayward.

Gordon Hayward is an upcoming player at 24 year's young. He is one of five player's in the NBA this season to average 15 point's, 5 rebound's, and 5 assist's per game this season. Those other's include LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Michael Carter - Williams. Needless to say, the potential is already there. Let's look at some potential suitor's:

The Cleveland Cavaliers - After locking up guard Kyrie Irving to a max extension and drafting shooting guard Andrew Wiggins number one last week, the Cavs are looking for a solid small forward to help stretch the floor. Hayward can do that. It's already been rumored that the Cavaliers have offered him a max deal. Whether he sign's the offer sheet or not is up in the air as he has stated in the past that he doesn't like the city of Cleveland as a whole, but that could change with the amount of money he receives from them.

The Boston Celtics - This has been a hot rumor since the Celtics hired his college basketball coach, Brad Stevens. But it also make's sense in the fact the Celtics could use a wing scorer who does more then just score. He would understand the offense that Stevens will be running and would be a solid addition for Rajon Rondo to be able to play with.

The Phoenix Suns - They too are looking for another wing scorer to play along side point guard Goran Dragic as well as Eric Bledsoe should they re-sign him. This team has up and coming forward's in the Morris brother's and a guard/forward in Gerald Green. If Phoenix land's Hayward, they could be a sneaky and exciting team to watch.

The Utah Jazz - Utah has already come out and said they will match any offer the Hayward receive's thus summer so the forward is essentially handcuffed with an outside chance of a sign and trade occurring, he'll be the best player on a not very good team, once again.

My prediction - Utah Jazz

The last player in this first part of a two part article is Rajon Rondo. He has been the subject of numerous trade rumor's in the last few year's and that will continue until he's actually traded or sign's an extension with his current team, the Boston Celtics. Let's look at some potential fit's for the Celtics captain:

The Boston Celtics - Boston has made it clear that they intend on expediting their rebuilding process and building around Rondo. But with numerous trade offer's to other team's, that just hasn't been the case. Re-signing guard Avery Bradley, drafting point guard Marcus Smart, and contacting restricted free agent Isaiah Thomas doesn't bode with for Rondo, but if they do keep him for the long haul, it'll be because they were able to reel in some big fish this summer.

The Sacramento Kings - This was a rumor before draft time and still is. Though the Kings just inked point guard Darren Collison to a 3 year pact, they may still be trying to land Rondo to pair with their two big player's in Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins. It could come down to a sign and trade with Isaiah Thomas and Rajon Rondo being the centerpiece of the deal.

The Phoenix Suns - There is a good chance that the Suns lose Eric Bledsoe to free agency this summer so they may look to add the point guard to pair with their own combo guard Goran Dragic. The two would make a dynamic duo in the backcourt and cause havoc on the floor for opposing team's. A deal could involve Bledsoe and Rondo.

The Indiana Pacers - While the Pacers are at a stand still with guard Lance Stevenson, the Pacers are looking for an upgrade at the point guard spot in their lineup. George Hill struggled all season long when given many opportunities to fill that gap. So the Pacers will look to add a legitimate ball distributor so that Paul George does not have to do so much with the ball in his hand's. Look for a deal to be centered around draft pick's and throw in's.

My prediction - Boston Celtics (if they make trade's to build around him) Indiana Pacers if traded elsewhere.

Stay tuned for the second part of this article!