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Seriously, Who Cares What Happened In Houston?

How Bad Is This Really?

Why thing's like what happened today with Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin never cease to amaze me. Who care's, really? We (the avid sport's fan) make such a big deal out of nothing. Something that can be taken ever so slightly get's overblown. Social media magnifies it by 100. And even Jeremy Lin himself should take what happened today with just a grain of salt.

Why is that, Alex? Well let me tell you:

1. It's a photo shopped picture of Carmelo Anthony in a number 7 Rockets jersey. Yes, I get it. That number is occupied and probably Houston could have used a different one. Who's to say that's not his favorite number? Maybe he would have offered him money for it after the fact. 

Remember: They are trying to sell Carmelo on signing with Houston. You do whatever you have to.

2. This is a business. The next best thing can come along at any time. Professional athlete's are supposed to understand this whether they want to or not. You can be that star studded player one day, out the door the next not even realizing what really happened nor why.

3. Jeremy Lin should know how business work's. He went to Harvard. Jokes aside, he was king of New York when Linsanity hit and then struck a huge deal in Houston. He can't say he's surprised.

4. Who's to say the can't co-exist?

5. He's more then likely on his way out of Houston at the end of the day. He's got a high end salary and they will need to free up some extra space to land Anthony. More then likely Lin will be shipped out to the Knicks as part of a sign and trade or just shipped out to gain cap relief.

And 6. Yes, I understand feeling's. I have my own. You can't help but feel a little bad for the guy, obviously. I do have a heart. I do wish the world of sport's would. But the fact of the matter is until Melo sign's on Houston's dotted line's, Lin is still an important piece.

In closing, no matter how upset Jeremy Lin could have been at this, the writing was on the wall. This has been talked about for some time even before the Rockets had discussed Anthony.

Also in closing, we don't need to make such a big deal of thing's of this nature, social media. It's a photo shopped picture of Carmelo, done by Houston. Not him wearing an actual jersey.

Let's pump the brake's a little. We're all adults here.