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Rajon Rondo: Done In Boston?

Is Rondo on the outs in Boston?

If the Boston Celtics go into the season with the roster that is currently constructed, the Celtics chances of landing a playoff spot are slim to none.

If anything, they will be playing for another lottery pick, which let's not forget, hasn't been very kind to the green team in year's past. This year included as they landed the 6th pick in the draft, selecting point guard Marcus Smart. Oh yeah, he is a point guard. Did I mention that already? Well if I haven't, let me refresh your memory. The Boston Celtics drafted another point guard.

Now I thought for certain that the Celtics currently employ a very good point guard. Oh yeah, his name:

Rajon Rondo.

Drafting a point guard with an all-star already on your roster, certainly doesn't look or bode well for the 28 year old. And with the Celtics also making a very early phone call to restricted free agent Isaiah Thomas, Rondo's future in green look's to be in limbo. This isn't to say that he wouldn't remain in Boston throughout the season, but should the Celtics feel obligated to tank another year, Rondo would more the likely be shipped out sooner then later as he is an impending free agent, looking for upwards of max dollar's from any team who is willing to give it. In this scenario, Boston would probably want to trade him and get something for him before they let him test the free agent water's (insert Kevin Love reference here).

Boston has also made a contract offer to combo guard Avery Bradley, who has accepted within the last few hours according to Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett. The deal is worth a reported $8 million annually. A very good coupe for a player of Bradley's caliber. This put's Rondo's future in even more doubt as they have four pont guard's on the roster in Rondo, Bradley, Smart, and undraftted free agent last season, Phil Pressey.

Now, I believe it can't hurt to have that many guard's on your team but you have to wonder how they really feel about making a splash this offseason as the Celtics brass has stated that they will have to make offseason trade's if they want to compete this coming season. Maybe they view Bradley as the combo guard they have the last couple season's. Someone who can completely take over a point guard and stop a alot of opposing two's. Rondo is just a point guard, flat out. A different player then Bradley so we will all be anxious to see how this summer turn's out.

If you asked me, I think Rondo is a very important piece to a championship puzzle. I believe you need to keep player's like that. His kind are few and far between. If you are able to add a piece or two to contend, Rondo become's a very key piece on a good team. It start's with keeping your key player. Landing a Gordon Hayward/Chandler Parsons or a Love would be a great start to the offseason. Needless to say, all of this would be tough but they do have the asset's to make thing's happen. Will they? Chance's are fairly slim...


The verdict is still out on what Danny Ainge is doing with his star player, but this has the making's to be a very interesting offseason for Boston.