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How Legitimate Is Toronto Really?

Toronto Tops The AL East Standings

Toronto was supposed to be this good last year, so by right, they did what Toronto does come summertime in the MLB:

Play terrible baseball and be the cellar dweller's of the East.

This is year is a little different. This year they are pitching well (not so much of late). Mark Buehrle is pitching like the Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox. The bullpen has been pretty consistent all year. The number'number's per pitcher in the bullpen doesn't indicate how well they have pitched. But they have been pretty good all year Keeping them in game's has been their mark all season long. Keeping opponent's to four or five run's a game is good enough because the real reason they are winning game's is their offense.

They have come up time and time again with key hit's in seemingly every situation. Edwin Encarnacion has been their MVP easily thus far (Buehrle may have a vote or two of his own). He's been an important part of the team's success, hitting about 9,000 home run's in the month of June. Jose Bautista has also heald his own, outside of his latest hamstring injury, hitting .304 with 15 home runs.

The question become's "How long will Toronto keep this up? Will they keep this up in general?" I see no reason why they can't keep this up all year. The AL East has been beating up on each other all year. Toronto at this point, lead's the Orioles by a 1.5 game margin. The Tampa Bay Rays, struggle and all, are 10 games back in the East. With it only being the halfway point of the season for most of the team's, the division is in reach for all in it. I expect Toronto to keep it up for most of the season, but will the flame out or will the win the division? It could go either way.

My prediction is that they put up a fight for most of the season, but fall just a little short. Then again, I could be wrong. Have been many time's before. They are playing well and winning divisional and meaningful divisional game's, but at the end of the day I think will fade as the season goes. The last Wild Card spot could be up for grab's and they may make it in that way. I just don't think they can win the division.