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Your Own MLB Franchise. Who's Your Cornerstone?

Youd Be Hard Pressed To Find Better Than Trout
If you were awarded your own Major League Baseball franchise and you could only choose one player to build around, who would you take? To me, this isn't even close: 

One, Mike Trout.

Let me tell you why.

1. The kid is a superior athlete. He's in immaculate shape for a kid his age. If he were to maintain his frame and not become Miguel Cabrera (Another amazing player), he will remain durable for the majority of his career. 

2. He will be a career .300 hitter. He doesn't strike out a lot and put's the bat on the ball. With the speed that he posses', he can get on base on weak chopper's in the infield when a lot of other's can't. He can hit all over the field, being as young as he is, which is pretty incredible. 

3. He's a 20 to 30 maybe even 40 home run per year threat. Do I really need to show you the shot the other night versus the Kansas City Royals? Well, here it is if you haven't seen it. 

He has that kind of pop in his bat. His swing is nice and compact so he doesn't need to hit the ball as hard as he can to make thing's happen. He has a nice level swing so he can hit line drive shot's all over the place and with that come's the absolute cannon or two over the fence.

4. Regardless of where he is in the lineup, he will be a lock for 80 to 100 RBI a year. With how consistent of a hitter he is and will be for the duration of his career, he will be able to produce. Once he start's hitting further down the lineup, those RBI opportunities will arise more often which will give him that chance to knock the runner's in, which he has and will continue to do. 

5. He's a legitimate 30 to 40 base stealer a year. He has plus wheel's. If you first look at him, you see a big burly kid. Then when you see him run the base's, it's a thing of beauty. He's quick out of the box, he has a great jump off the majority of pitcher's, which allow's him 30 to 40 bag's a year.

6. He's a Gold Glove caliber outfielder. Once you see that ball hit into center field, you get to the edge of your seat because you know the potential for a highlight reel catch could be in the making. You've seen the home run robbing catches. The diving, lunging catches. He can run down most of the ball's in gap's, taking away hit after hit. He has a great arm as well so you're not going to run on him. He's a true 5 tool player.

7. He's going to sell ticket's whether your team is good or bad. It hasn't mattered how good the Angels have been since he got his call up. People will pay to see this kid play, he's that good.

8. He's got a great attitude. For someone as young as he is and already generating a $100 million dollar contract, you'd think he would like he own's the world. He doesn't. He play's every game hard, like it's his last (Like Dustin Pedroia). He's very humble, takes his job seriously, but has fun at the same time. 

9. He would attract any free agent to come play. Who wouldn't want to play with this kid? He's got all the talent in the world, he makes thing's happen on the field and in the batter's box. He will help your stats on the way to you getting payed. It's a win win for all. 

10. Last but not least, you have him for the next 15 years! He hasn't even reached his prime! He's 22 years old! Can you believe that? He's not even close to his prime and look what he has done for his career so far. You can build around him for a long, long time. He will produce for that long and will fill your seat's for a very long time. This kid alone will make you money. But this kid has a good head on his shoulder's and will produce for you year in and year out. 

To me, again, it's not even close. Being young and already producing, how much better could you get then Mike Trout? 

You can't.

Who would you build your team around?