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It's Simple, LeBron. You Stay. Or You Go Home

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?
It's hard to sit here and try to telepathically tell someone to do what's right. This is where I wish I could tell a certain someone what the right thing to do in his situation is... 
 Now, everyone know's my root's, everyone knows where I come from, where my allegiance is in the sport's world. But it doesn't change the fact that my mind is very versatile when it come's to sport's. I'm unbiased, if you will. Yes I love my New England sport's, but I know damn well who, what, where, when, why, and how. This doesn't change the fact the I know LeBron is the greatest in the NBA right now. But I digress... 

 I don't even think this should be a question and quite honestly this shouldn't be the "Decision 2.0". This shouldn't take light years to answer. In my eyes, this should only be a two team race. (Would I love him in Boston? Obviously) The attraction of playing with other team's shouldn't even remotely entice him, but I'm sure it will. Because at this rate, he may end up sport's most traveled superstar. Miami and Cleveland should be the only team's LeBron contemplates playing for. He left Cleveland for Miami to do one thing: 

 Win championship's. 

 Fortunately he was able to do that. Twice in four year's, actually. So he's never going to be that superstar or aging superstar, going from team to team looking for his best chance to win a ring. He's already done that. He has absolutely nothing left to prove. So what is the hold up? The two answer's are clear.

 LeBron left Cleveland on a fairly undesirable note, in search of a championship. He left a good thing for a better thing in Miami. Can you really blame him? No. But if he had the desire to be great, like M.J., he would've never left Cleveland. But now he has the ultimate opportunity to win Cleveland back over and make them contender's again. Make them relevant again. I believe he owe's Cleveland big time for leaving. Yes, he had the right to leave. He was a free agent. But if he want's to continue to have his legend grow, he will go back home and he will finish the job that Cleveland hired him to do in the first place. He has the ultimate chance to redeem himself in Cleveland. To me, this is a no brainer. Why wouldn't he go back? Yes, I also know there is far more to do and the weather is like night and day when comparing South Beach to Cleveland. That shouldn't matter anymore. He has unfinished business in Cleveland to take care of. Make it right. The roster is loaded with good, young talent and he would only attract more to play with him there. Just do it. 

 Then there is Miami. Should he still have championship desire's and aspiration's, though he would be a contender in Cleveland, Miami is still technically the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. They have been to the final's four year's in a row, winning two of them. With Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade rumored to being opened for pay cut's to allow LeBron to come back for max dollar's and continue to level out the roster, I wouldn't be surprised to see LeBron play out the next four to five year's again in Miami. He essentially become's the general manager of Miami and can get the player's he want's to win with. Hell, the Heat traded for his favorite college player, Shabazz Napier, and LeBron wasn't technically on the roster he has that much pull. So you can't blame the Heat for doing what they can to keep him. But these should be the only reason's he remotely thinks about staying in Florida. 

 What does he get out of playing in Los Angeles or Dallas or New York or Houston that he wouldn't have in Miami, let alone Cleveland? Marketability? Really? He's already the most marketed player ever since Tiger Woods. No matter where he play's, he will be the most marketed player in the NBA, let alone the world. He's still the best player in the world, what more could you possibly want? 

 The answer is right in front of you, LeBron. You stay. Or you go home.