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What Firework's, Danny?

What Happened To Those Fireworks?

The first round has come and gone. There were not a ton of surprises and very little movement around the whole round itself. Can I say I'm surprised? No. But did I think more would have happened? Absolutely.

The Celtics were rumored, since the end of their regular season, to have aspiration's of turning this rebuild year into a short one. With plenty of draft pick's at his disposal, the Celtics were poised to make a big splash whether that would have happened in the draft or later in the offseason. After the first round, many in New England feel a little indifferent. Myself included. After multiple attempt's at trying send a package of pick's and player's to Minnesota, Boston moved on to trying to move up into the top five of the first round, even flirting with Cleveland for the top spot. Obviously nothing came of it. 

When that dust settled, the Celtics were forced to make a pick, sitting at six. And with that, enter:

Yes, Marcus Smart. Point guard out of Oklahoma State. (Highlight's above) Obviously, the first question that pop's to mind "What about Rondo?" And that in itself is a very good question. I think there are a couple scenario's as far as the Smart pick goes: 

1. If the Celtics are still unable to make any big free agent acquisition's or any trade's for very good veteran talent, I believe they will eventually dump Rondo whether it happen's in season or this summer. They don't want to put themselves into a position like Minnesota, with the threat that he may leave and the Celtics wouldn't get any kind of compensation for him. Should the trade their star point guard, they now have one waiting in the wing's in Smart.

2. In Smart, they acquired a point guard who can cover all player's running the point and slow down a lot of opposing shooting guard's. They have a player like that on their roster now don't they? And the answer to that is yes. But he is a restricted free agent. His name is Avery Bradley. Could he potentially replace Bradley? It is a possibility as Bradley has played himself into a fairly good contract situation and is likely to get payed. I don't think Boston will pay him what he may command and having a player like Smart can help combat that should he leave.

Smart wasn't the only Celtics draft pick in the first round. With that, enter:

James Young, University of Kentucky. (Highlights above) A high upside pick and the youngest player in the draft, he possess a unique blend of moves, finishing at the hoop, and is a superb three-point shooter. A potential lottery pick on many draft board's, Young fell into Boston's lap and they felt like thy couldn't let someone like that go to waste (insert Gerald Green video here)

The offseason is very far from being over. Trade season has just started and it usually end's right before training camp start's. This is where I believe if the Celtics do anything this offseason it'll happen between now and then. They still have plenty of draft pick's at their disposal. Now they kept their two pick's, there is a slight possibility these player's are packaged up into another deal. While a lot of that seem's very unlikely, there is still that possibility of that happening. If we remember, Kevin Garnett got traded a full month after the draft in 2007. I'm in no way shape or form saying this may happen, but they still do have the asset's and resource's to make a deal happen. There are plenty of better deal's out there for player's of Kevin Love's caliber, but maybe there's a chance they can swing a deal for the forward, maybe even getting a third team involved. Anything is possible, as Kevin Garnett say's.

Listen, I'm not knocking the Celtics draft pick's. I actually think Boston drafted very good player's. I actually think it was a very solid draft for them. Potential necessities for the future and player's they need. Both have a chance to be very serviceable for the green team. But with your management going out on a limb, telling any and all to expect firework's, no one had this in mind. Now it is also completely possible that they are just saying this to tell fan's that they are doing what they can to rebuild, rebuild, rebuild, and rebuild fast just to tell them that, with the full intention to tank again this year and gain more valuable asset's down the road.

Or there is still a chance for Boston to make that "big move" or two. The verdict is still out and it is still early in the summer. So we will just have to wait and see...