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For Those Expecting Fireworks, Expect Duds

Will There Be Draft Night Fireworks?

With less then 24 hours left remaining before Adam Silver announces that the Cleveland Cavaliers are on the clock, we should expect talk's to ramp up with who may be selected number one overall. You've heard about the sudden fall of Center Joel Embiid which has propelled Forwards Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins up into the first spot in most mock draft's and draft board's.. You've heard all about Jabari Parker's apparent botched workout with the Cavs to prevent them from drafting him to in turn play in Milwaukee. You've heard about Andrew Wiggins pre draft mixtape to help his case in becoming the number one pick himself.


You've heard talk's of trading draft pick's to move up. Cleveland has let it be known that the first pick is up for the taking, as long as the price is right. They have sent out plenty of fliers and have netted plenty of trade offer's, none of which have been accepted, obviously. Philadelphia has thrown out the "We are interested in drafting Embiid even though we trade for Nerlens Noel last year so offer us a deal if you want Embiid" card. Orlando is doing all they can to get Embiid and doing what they can to unload Aaron Afflalo. Utah is trying to gain the first pick and is dangling Derrick Favors as well as their pick. Even Boston has been rumored to have called about the first pick.


So as you can see, there is plenty of potential for this to be a monumental night, being it's draft night. My personal opinion is that if anything was going to happen, it would've happened already. This is classic smokescreen stuff here, people and fan's alike. I could be completely reading all of this wrong and everything could happen draft night. But if team's are that desperate to make desperation move's they would have already been completed. What's more then likely to happen is potentially a deal happening right before the draft start, or after the draft is completed, like month's away but before the season start's. I think that's when you'll see most of your rumored trade's happen. Again, I could have completely misjudged how GM's play their card's come draft time but in all likely hood, your draft day firework's may be just a little more then a sparkler...