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Why Does Boston Need To Make This Call?

Do The Celtics Make That Call?

Yeah I know, this is Fantasy Basketball type of stuff. But if the Celtics are "truly" intending on "firework's" this offseason, they need to at least make that call to LeBron James. As far fetched as it sound's and highly unlikely, they still have to make this call more or less for Rondo and their fan base. The thought process is that Boston still make's that all in type of run at Flip Saunders and still try to land Kevin Love, after that you show LeBron that you're at least trying to build this championship contender and bring banner 18 to Boston. It's about impossible as it get's without saying it's impossible. Should they land Love, get shot down by LeBron, you then call Carmelo and give him that Boston speech. Again, highly unlikely, but not impossible.

Hey, LeBron is partly owner of the Fenway Sport's Group, which also own's Liverpool Football Club, which LeBron is also a fan of as stated by 98.5 The Sport's Hub's Tony Massarotti. Why not?

A big part of at least making this phone to Mr. James is that you at least give your fan's the sense that you are trying to turn around this quick rebuild into quick result's. Danny Ainge tell's Boston Celtics nation that they were in on LeBron and other marquee player's to give the Boston fan base the illusion that you are not trying to rebuild, but you're going to rebuild anyway's. But you give them that hope that you're at least going to try to make good on your promise and try to create these "firework's". 

And lastly, you let Rondo know that you've at least tried to get him the type of player's that he desire's to work with. You've also at least given him the hope that they were willing to build around him and create this new big three, but in all reality there's a good chance that he could be traded if none of what Boston wanted to do this summer, pan's out.

Listen, I know LeBron isn't coming to Boston and there is also a good chance that Kevin Love nor Carmelo Anthony ever put on Celtic green. But you never know what can happen and The Celtics are obviously fairly willing to kick the tire's on such a move or two. As much as we all thought the Love would end up in Boston, it seem's unlikely now. But if that ball drop's and the Celtics land Love, they could entice another All-Star caliber player to Boston. They should make that call to LeBron.

I still believe that Boston will be stuck with pick's 6 and 17 at the end of the day. I think they end up making those pick's and it's still possible they trade them after making the pick's, again highly unlikely. It's even more possible that the Celtics make pick's 6, 8, and 17 as Sacramento is rumored to be enamored with Rajon Rondo. Boston make's these pick's and still get's stuck in a long year rebuild.