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We Get It, LeBron Opted Out. Now What?

LeBron Lands Where?

Yes, we understand. LeBron James triggered his Early Termination clause in his contract that allow's him to become a free-agent. We get it. It's sent a shock wave across the sport's world. But anyone in their right mind should have known that it was going to happen. Let's face the fact's:

1. He's still in the prime of his career

2. He will still make a ton of money

3. There are plenty of suitor's for his service's

4. He again get's to choose his own destiny

He has the chance to bring a title wherever he land's. He's not going to be that guy that's been in the league for so long, looking for that elusive NBA Title that has haunted his dream's over and over. He's already won everything he could have won at this stage in his career and he's still on the right side of 30. Wherever he land's, he bring's NBA Final's credentials, NBA MVP's and multiple All-Star game's he's done it all. He's won not one, but two championship's. He's all set. His next journey should he leave South Beach will be bringing his new to back to prominence. It's former "Glory Day's", if you will. And chance's are he is going to bring plenty player's with him. There is a good chance he could take Carmelo Anthony or a Chris Bosh or maybe even Dwayne Wade with him. Even Ray Allen has gone on the record to say that if Jesus Shuttlesworth is going to continue his career, he's only going where LeBron does. So he won't be going alone.

The will be no shortage of suitor's, many of which may not have a chance but will at least make that phone call to let them know they will give him a max deal, should he decide to look at that particular franchise or to at least let their fan base know that "Hey, we were in on LeBron. See we tried for you all." Everyone from both LA team's to team's in Texas will make call's and even a former team will make that call.

My gut instinct is telling me that he will end up in LA, but to be completely honest with you, if he want's to gain respect of fan's of the NBA back, He should take his talent's back to the city of Cleveland where his NBA journey began. I think he owe's that to his fan's and I think he owe's that to Cleveland, leaving on the term's he did. They have a solid foundation in term's of their roster. They have the number one pick in the upcoming draft. They have cap room to add another star along with LeBron. Why not?

The offseason is far from over and this is just the beginning of hearing the LeBron James to rumor's and LeBron know's what LeBron want's to do.