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Are The Celtics Losing Steam On Love? Or Is The Quiet Good?

Is Boston Out Of The Love Sweepstakes?

It seemed like every other day, the Kevin Love to Boston rumor's became real, the closer we get to draft day/night. Now it seem's as if the Love to Boston rumor is starting to lose it's steam or any momentum it had earlier this offseason.

As is stand's, all odd's are on the Golden State Warriors landing the All-Star forward from Minnesota as the Warriors have, on paper, the best deal as far as player's going to Minnesota as a package for Love. Even rumor's of the Warriors looking for a third team to help compensate the T-Wolves has started trickling into the news. This may not be good for aspiring Celtics fan's looking to purchase a number 42 Celtics jersey.

There is a few way's to look at this from a normal Celtics fan's perspective:

1. This may not be good. It seem's as if the Celtics don't have enough in term's of player's that the Wolves are looking for. And they are not wrong in thinking that. Really all they have for upside player's outside of draft pick's are Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk. You could probably throw Avery Bradley into that mix as well. It sound's as if one of the two mentioned, along with 2 to 3 first round pick's won't be enough to pry the Wolves star away from his current club.

2. They also could be right in the mix with other team's as they do have a multitude of draft pick's that is somewhat appealing to the Wolves. Even without a bunch of upside player's, they still have a couple that are valuable in Sullinger and Olynyk. Could Boston be potentially looking for a third team like the Warriors are doing right now to sweeten the pot for Flip Saunders? It's possible, but do they have the resource's and asset's to pull of such a thing?

3. The silence could be good as well. The Celtics could potentially have a suitable deal for the Wolves to pull off such a deal. Minnesota could be looking to pry as much as they can from other team's because they like or have some sort of infatuation with what Boston is offering. While this may be unlikely, it is still however remotely possible. Boston may still be looking for other trade partner's to pair with Minnesota because after all, the do have Love and they are going to command as much as possible from someone for giving up a franchise player.

This could also affect future trade's and signing's as well, as it's also been rumored that Boston may look to unload Rajon Rondo should they not land a Love or a Carmelo Anthony.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports also went out of his way to say that he thought the Celtics don't have enough to land Kevin Love as far as the asset's that the Celtics currently own which may in turn drive them into collecting a third team to get in on a deal with the Wolves. I still believe that the Warriors are the favorite's to land Love because their now willingness to trade Klay Thompson either to the Wolves or to another, potential third team. That third team could have the draft pick's that Minnesota is looking for, so the T-Wolves may end up with player's and draft pick's from The Warriors and a third team. Mind boggling stuff...

At the end of the day, we will not know too much until at least we are closer to draft night which fall's on Thursday this week, or until a deal actually happen's. There is still a lot of speculation around where Love land's so until it actually happen's, then we can fully digest it.

UPDATE: It has been reported by Warriors sideline reporter and Bleacher Report insider Ric Bucher, that the Warriors are pulling out of the Kevin Love sweepstakes for their unwillingness to put Klay Thompson on the trade block. Again, this look's another major smokescreen right before the draft and I'm not buying it. I still believe the Warriors will be major player's for Kevin Love at the end of the day.