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What To Expect With The NBA Draft Looming...

This Week In The NBA Could Be One For The Ages.

NBA Draft week is finally upon. So the "smokescreens", the lies, and the potential move's are right around the corner. Team's will be gearing up after having any and all prospect's in for workout's upon workout's upon workout's, looking for the next "Big Thing" to help make an immediate impact on their franchise's. A ton is expected to happen this upcoming week. Let's take a little look into some of the potential happening's in the NBA:

Expect a lot of Joel Embiid chatter - It was essentially a foregone conclusion that the big, athletic center from Kansas was going to be selected first overall by the Cleveland Cavs after he thoroughly impressed in every single workout he was in for, even drawing some comparison's to Hakeem "The Dream". I'll end it there, because that won't happen. Regardless, he has all the potential to become a legitimate big in the NBA as he is not a raw rookie. But when new's broke out that the talented big man broke a bone in his foot, it seemed to have changed the outlook of the draft itself. It also seemed to have affected most of the team's in the lottery's plan's as team's now fully expect Embiid to slip. So you may see team's look to move up from later in the draft to the lottery to potentially grab Embiid. This story will not die until he's been drafted.

Expect a different Number 1 pick everyday until the Draft - As previously stated, Joel Embiid was more then likely going to be the top pick in the draft this year, but that seemingly out of the question, expect someone different everyday this week to potentially picked first when the clock start's. As of this very second, it look's as if Duke Freshman Jabari Parker will be the first one off the board after the Cavs make their choice. I fully expect a lot of talk about Kansas Freshman, Andrew Wiggins potentially being the first pick this week as well. There may still be talk about drafting Embiid number one overall. One thing is for sure, with Embiid hurt, there will be talk about drafting someone different number one every hour, on the hour.

Expect a lot of Kevin Love talk or a potential move - This has most certainly been a summer dominated by Kevin Love talk, as the big man from Minnesota is looking to move to another team this offseason. There have been a plethora of team's vying for his service's so there may be a resolution to this show. Team's such as the Bulls, Warriors, Celtics, and Rockets will be pushing hard up until the draft and I mean pushing. Team's are looking to retool and trade for Love because he is a legitimate superstar at 25 years young and because they have playoff aspiration's. The Warriors appear to have the edge on acquiring the young stud, but I still sense a lot of talk leading up to the draft. Minnesota may also try to get something done before the draft as they may acquire a ton of draft pick's and may want to focus on the player's that may come with it.

Expect opt in or opt out talk - The new league year essentially start's right after the draft. Player's with Player Option's can begin to opt in or out of their current deal's on the 29th of this month. So player's like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade will look to make a decision as to where to play next year. I expect Wade and Bosh to opt in their current deal's. Player's like LeBron and 'Melo will have plenty of suitor's. LeBron will certainly talk to 'Melo to see where he stand's with free agency. Could the two pair up? They may wait for the first shoe to drop (Kevin Love) before they make any kind of decision. LeBron will have the like's of the Cavs, Bulls, Lakers, Rockets and Heat still vying for his service's should he elect free agency. 'Melo may be more inclined to wait to see what happen's with Love before making an informal decision. Team's like the Bulls, Lakers, Rockets, Mavericks, and Knicks will be after Anthony. The Celtics want to add both Anthony and Love to pair with Rondo to form the league's new big three, though that seemingly sound's more of a pipe dream lately after all the new's that has come out of late.

Nevertheless, this week will be chaotic. Chaos is the word that will best describe this upcoming week. With all the rumor's, all the potential player movement, along with the fresh crop of kid's coming into the league, this week will be one for the age's to watch.

I'm sure a lot of people will look this this during the week...