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It Doesn't Make Sense For The Sox To Sell

Should The Struggling Sox Sell?

At this point of the year in baseball, you have a pretty good grasp of how your team is going to look by the end of the year. You can typically tell whether a team is going to be buyer's, you can tell who's going to be seller's. This year's version of the Red Sox is a little difficult to put a finger on.

Stumbling out of the gate to start the regular season, the Red Sox have seen just about everything this season already and they're not even halfway through the season yet. We've seen them pitch extremely well and not hit. We've seen them hit extremely well and not pitch. We've seen them pitch awful and hit awful. There hasn't been a string of game's where they've hit and pitched well very often this season, something that they did seemingly everyday on their way to a World Series Title. We have watched them lose 10 games in a row. We have watched them win 7 in a row. We have watched them lose 1-run game's. We have watched them sweep a series. This year's Red Sox team is going to be very different from last year, as we can already tell.

The reason it doesn't make sense for the Red Sox to sell is fairly simple. It's not just because they are the Red Sox. It's because even through all their struggle's, they were only 6 1/2 game's out of first place entering last night's draw with the always tough Oakland Athletics. Yes, they did lose. But the fact of the matter is that the division is still within reach. There has been no runaway division leader in the AL East so far. Though it did seem like at one point the Toronto Blue Jay's wouldn't lose a ball game. The Sox are still very much in the race not only for the AL East, but one of two Wild Card spots. That's all it take's to get in. There is no reason for them to give in, not even halfway through the season. There is no reason for them to unload contract year player's because they aren't playing as well as last year. They are 5 game's under .500, yet they are still in the thick of thing's, even with how poorly they have played this. 

There is absolutely no reason for them to sell. Not yet at least...