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Did The Celtics Miss Their Opportunity, Or Are They Still In It?

Has Boston Lost Out?

Kevin Love is going here. Kevin Love is going there. Kevin Love has been everywhere of late. Rumor's yesterday had Love landing in Boston or Denver. Today rumor's have the Warriors upping their offer of David Lee and draft pick's to David Lee, Draft pick's and now adding Klay Thompson to the mix. A very desirable haul for the T-Wolves who are said to be looking for NBA ready talent along with a draft pick or two to sweeten the deal.

As far as for trade's the T-Wolves may be looking for, the Warriors deal is probably the best as far as what Minnesota would recoup. David Lee is a very serviceable Power Forward, who can't really stretch the floor but can score from 10 feet and grab a plethora of rebounds. Adding Klay Thompson to the mix spread's the floor and add's a very capable scorer. Essentially Minnesota get's two player that can do what Kevin Love can do as one, which is a lot, defense aside. That's a win-win for both side's in that aspect. But not one sole other then Flip Saunders himself know's what he is looking for. Maybe Saunders doesn't know what Saunders is looking for. He's got plenty of option's.

For the Celtics to pull of this trade, they cannot give Minnesota that type of talent, as they currently possess it outside of Jared Sullinger and that is not nearly enough. What the Celtics do have is endless ammunition in the form of Draft pick's. This year they own the 6th overall pick as well as the 17th. Minnesota own's the 13th pick. That'd be 3 pick's in the first round of a draft with pretty considerable talent. If that's what Saunders want's, the Celtics have the better chance to land Love. It all come's down to what Saunders feel's is necessary. With the draft being a week from tonight, the Celtics are running out of time. With very little in the form of talent they have on the roster, they need to start throwing around as many draft pick's as it take's without giving up all 9 in 5 years. It's hard to tell if they have missed an opportunity to pick up Love. I would probably go with they are missing it just a little bit, but Minnesota is smart, they're going to wait as long as possible and squeeze every last drop out of whomever is the lucky franchise to land him. as they should. As the draft get's closer, we may catch a better whiff of what may or may not happen so at this point, the draft can't come quick enough. Will the Celtics have enough to land him? Will the draft pick's be enough? They have to get something done and they need to do it quick.

It was reported yesterday by ESPN's Chad Ford that the Celtics have exactly what it takes to land Love, but I'd have to say the Warriors have taken the lead as of late. I fully expect more team's to up their ante for Love too, so it will be an interesting week.

Was the trip to Boston just a smokescreen? (Something that just came to mind) It's completely possible.

Right now it's very tough to tell what Minnesota is going to do or what they want. They hold the kings ransom. They have Love. They will get what they want at the end of the day. 

What are you going to do now, Flip? Ball's in your court and you know it.