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What's The Most Exciting Game Winner?

What Is The Greatest Game-Winner?

After watching the Boston Red Sox tie the game against the Minnesota Twins yesterday afternoon when David Ortiz wrapped a ball around Pesky Pole in right field, Mike Napoli followed with a mammoth shot to dead center on an 0-2 pitch. As Napoli was running around the bases and eventually jumping into his teammates at the plate, I realized "This was amazing. This has to be one of the Greatest feeling's in sports, right?"

A walk-off, a game winning shot, an overtime goal, a game winning kick or touchdown, they are all amazing and they are all what make's sport's the best thing ever created. But I think whatever it may be, I believe it's based on preference of sport, but nevertheless, still extremely exciting. It really doesn't matter who happen's to be the headline of the story, just watching it and reading about it happening always gives me goosebumps. 

Regardless, this is still a good topic for debate. Which is better? Or what would you rather be apart of? Here are a few of my favorites from around New England:

With the Boston Bruins down 4-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 of their playoff series in 2013, the Bruins were on the comeback trail. With the game almost in doubt, they did everything in their power to get the puck on the net and try to make things happen. At least trying to get the game to overtime with a chance to win. They did more then that:

With the Celtics struggling to hang with the Charlotte Bobcats for most of the night, the Celtics came storming back. With a chance to tie the game, Paul Pierce missed a jumper from the free throw line with 5 seconds left and the Celtics were forced to foul. Luckily, they had a foul to give and had the unlikely chance to potentially steal the ball and make something happen. I guess you could say they did that:

With the game tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 9th at Fenway, with two runner's on, Francisco Rodriguez was forced to pitch to one Manny Ramirez. I'm not sure if there has been more of a beautiful swing then this in the history of EVER!:

With less then two minutes remaining and the ball in their own end with a young Quarterback by the name of Tom Brady, The Patriots had the guts to try to get the W. You don't go all the way to the Super Bowl without doing what you can to win it. With John Madden talking about how the Pat's should just run the clock out and bring it to overtime because the Rams had all the momentum, the Patriots did the opposite: 

All of these are some of the greatest thing's to happen in this neck of the woods. All of them have to feel great, there is no way around that. But the question still remain's "What is the greatest type of game winner in the history of sport's?" 

The answer is simple:

All of them.