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How Paul Pierce Could Be An X-Factor For C's

Could Pierce Land Back In Beantown?

Let the "What if" games begin. The NBA Finals are behind us, the draft is upon us, lying season in full fledge, AHHH the offseason has arrived!

This article is all hypothetical talk. Basically this article is referring to one Paul Pierce, should the Boston Celtics acquire Kevin Love.

Rumor's circulating early this afternoon, specifically CelticsBlog, stating the Minnesota Timberwolves have come to the conclusion that the Celtics have the best offer on the table for the big man. Again, could be a huge smoke screen for other team's to ante up their current offer's, but it could also be true. We won't know until anything happen's. The T-Wolves have also been rumored to wanting to unload Kevin Love right before the draft to essentially get the drama surrounding it, over with. Now I've told you that to tell you this:


Should the Celtics acquire Love, the Celtics will be in the market for a Guard/Forward combo type of player. They will be in the market for Carmelo Anthony when he does opt out, but regardless of his priorities, the Celtics should get in on the Paul Pierce sweepstakes. Now obviously this type of big three wouldn't be nearly as sexy as it would be if it was Love/Melo/Rondo, but it would definitely be serviceable. Pierce proved to still be a very effective player in his short stay with the Brooklyn Nets. He is still an above average defender who can still give the like's of LeBron James fits. He is still a very capable scorer and still a very good 3-point shooter. He can still offer a lot to a team, for a lot less then it would take to land a Carmelo on the side of landing Love.

If the Celtics can also land Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce would still be a perfect fit for this team. What kind of player would you want to come in off the bench to help spell your all-star Small Forward in Melo, you ask? One that will come in with instant offense? One that will come in with instant defense? One who will do what it take's for your team to win? Or how about you can get all of this in one player, Paul Pierce.

As we all know, Paul Pierce is and will always be a Boston Celtic. We know the thing's accomplished, from a cellar dweller, to a championship and Finals MVP, along with all the other accolade's with it. But what better of a way for him to go out, then to land a fairly cheap deal to come back into his second home in Boston, finish out his career with a chance or two at a ring. Something he deserve's. He make's too much sense for this team to go after if they have aspiration's of landing multiple star player's this offseason. Even if they only land Love, like I said, Boston is still a legitimate destination for the Hall Of Fame Forward, as he will still be able to start and able to keep the floor wide open. 

Signing Paul Pierce help's solidify a team need in a few categories. Offense, Defense, and Veteran Leadership. He understand's he's not the superstar he once was at 25 or 26 year's old. But he is still a fully capable and serviceable player that will be and underrated signing wherever he lands. So could Paul Pierce, The Truth, find himself back in Celtics green for the end of his career?