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Why Melo to Miami Doesn't Jive

Future teammates?

So Carmelo Anthony is going to take his talents to South Beach? I'd pump the brakes a little bit there Miami fans. While I'm in no way shape or form saying that he isn't going there as I'm sure there is just as good of a chance he does land there as anywhere's else, but lets take a look at some facts here.

Melo is almost 30 if not 30 already. Still fairly young, but the question from him become's "Do I want to be the first option and trek my way towards maybe and NBA Title? Or do I want to go potentially play in the Finals next year?" Good question to ask himself but look. This story has taken off too much. Do you think that he's going to turn away $23 Million big one's to go play in Miami for $8-10 Million? Do you think Bosh, Wade, and King James will all opt out and take $11-12 Million less just to get Carmelo on the roster? And if even if it does happen, look how much each player has had to sacrifice to form the big three. You think adding a fourth makes it that much easier? No it doesn't. This isn't the Olymipics. Carmelo still wants to be the man wherever he play's. Can you really blame him? Would he be able to do stuff like this on the Heat?

Honestly, I just don't see it happening. But just because I say that doesn't mean I have a source. Wish I did as a matter of fact, but I don't. I just use common sense. Which again, can be suspect at times. At the same time, everyone know's what kind of player Carmelo is. He needs the ball in his hand to be successful. In Miami, that isn't happening. They already have scorer's down there. So does he want to jump on to that ship? He need's a pass first point guard with legitimate talent. All-star talent at that. He also needs another big name player along side him for a chance to win a ring (insert a little Celtics bias face here) He won't do it with what they have in New York, unless LeBron decides he wants to go to New York this time around. I still think LeBron ends up in Cleveland, but who knows. Topic for another discussion.

If Melo decides to opt out, it'll be to go play for a chance at a ring, where he is still your primary option, and where he is still making a ton of money. Wanting all of the above doesn't justify going to Miami.