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Why I LOVE Sports...

Sports: its a beautiful thing.

I know what you're all thinking. This guy is going to go off on why sports are great and blah, blah, blah. Well, I actually, no, probably will but you'll understand why.

It doesn't matter what sport you watch. Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Field Hockey, whatever it may be, there is competition. As a man (or if a woman reader reads this) I'am very competitive with just about anything. You could tell me that you can type really fast. The thought will go through my head "I wonder if I could type faster then that guy." Watch him or her type, then try to top it. Competition.

For me, growing up in New England you're automatically born into that neck of the countries teams. My whole family lives on it. Every sport in this area. So I grew up watching the Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox. So yes, these are my favorite teams. I write a lot about them, call it biased all you want, there is a lot to write about with all four. It doesn't mean that I think David Ortiz is the best player to ever live. It doesn't mean I think Paul Pierce is the best basketball player to ever step foot on an NBA court. I understand who the greats are. And that's what makes sports amazing.

It also doesn't discount the fact that I also enjoy watching every other single team out there. Understand their history and where they have all come from. So in that sense, I'm a student of all games, always trying to learn more and more.

Watching sports is the ultimate feeling of Euphoria. If it wasn't for raising my family, all I'd have is sports and I would be fine with that. I could watch it all day. Seriously. Nothing gets old. Anything coming down to the wire where one single play could make all the difference. Where one turn could cost you everything. Where one drop could cost you a career. It's mind boggling, but I love every second of it. Watching everyone battle and leave it all on the field, ice, floor, game in and game out will never get old, which is why sports will carry on until the end of time. And I wish I could see it until then.

The history of the sport is what makes the sport. Understanding where everyone has come from, how it has changed, the legends that came before the new crop of potential legends. Franchise history. Understanding the tradition's that come with the franchise themselves and all their glory. How can that not give you goosebumps, thinking about your favorite team pouring champagne all over the place after they recorded the final out, or when the time expired? It's the ultimate feeling.

Watching a game winning basket, a walkoff homerun, an overtime goal, a touchdown as the time expires, how could a human being not love something like that? Someone without a soul? Who knows, but whomever that may be, they're truly missing out. Dissecting the game inside and out. Watching a young player mature, watching someone past their prime finish an all-time great career and everything in between. Role players. It doesn't matter. 

Aside from the season's themselves, a big favorite of mine is the Offseason in any sport. Potential player movement. Contracts to be handed out. Seeing what a player think's he is worth. Reading statistics and jiving that into a contract with whatever team he desires. Drafts, mock drafts, seeing the new crop of kids coming into their prospective sports as new professionals. The rumor mill is one of my favorites, seeing where a big name free agent may or may not land. It's the second season of the current season, it's just as amusing, fun, drama-filled, and beautiful.

What is there not to love about sports? It has anything and everything. It's drama at it's best. It's a thriller, it's a comedy at time's. There's a plot every week. There's a climax every game and always an ending. 

It's beautiful.