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Why Boston NEEDS To Go All-In on Love

Where does Love land?

While rumors fly about where T-Wolves star forward Kevin Love swirl after they have him rumored to go to all but the Chinese Basketball asoociation, in all reality, we don't know where he will end up. He does have some amount of leverage in that he can opt out of his current deal next summer wherever he lands. But that is really about it. He has no veto trade power at all. If I'm the Timberwolves, I could really care where he ends up, as long as I'm getting a major haul in return. I'm not letting him leave without getting anything back for my team's sake. And if I'm the Boston Celtics, I'm mortgaging as much as I have to for him and here's why:

While on paper, if you're looking from the Boston perspective, you have to give up a LOAD for him. You're talking the likes of a Jared Sullinger or a Kelly Olynyk, a Jeff Green or a Brandon Bass, an expiring contract or two, and multiple (and I mean multiple) first round picks for him. I do NOT even hesitate. The main reason is while it seems you're mortgaging your future for one star player at best, you're really not. Kevin Love paired with Rajon Rondo is your future. Rondo is 28 years old and Kevin Love is 25! 25! You have him on your roster before he even peaks. Love is your future. That is why you give up that much because you have him for the next 10 years. His prime. In the Eastern Conference he will be an absolute animal. With a better pass first point guard in Rondo, the sky is the limit. With these two paired, chances are they could convince another star or really serviceable player to join. Carmelo Anthony anyone? Maybe even a Rudy Gay type player, though it doesn't sound as sexy. But it's a formidable big 3. Boston Needs to be aggressive in trying to acquire Love because there is no shortage of suitors lining up for him. 

Recently, I've read and watched people talk about how Love will not end up in Boston. Columnist's such as Ric Bucher and Jackie McMullen have stated that he won't end up in Boston saying that while Boston has the most assets for the future, Boston doesn't have the player's to give for them to win right now in the process. Teams such as the Warriors and the Bulls or even the Lakers have enough on them to give them a very lucrative deal. All have capable players to play now and plenty of draft picks to give up in the process. Something I'm sure Flip Saunders would love. McMullen even stating that the Celtics don't have nearly enough to land Love even with the future assets. Saying a team like the Bulls have more to offer. Also saying that if the Celtics had landed a top 3 pick that this situation for Love would be completely different. They all may be right.

At the end of the day, the T-Wolves are going to do what is in the best interest for them. It may not be Boston's deal that is good enough for them to accept. Boston does have a little more to offer considering the amount of draft picks Danny Ainge has received over the past few season's. So in closing, if I'm Boston, I'm giving Minnesota all that they want and need from me to get a hold of Mr. Love because he is your future. He is what Boston needs to start making a turnaround. Love won't be enough to turn them into a championship caliber team, but he instantly turns them into a playoff team, being in a weaker conference. Rondo and Love would be enough to get another star player, preferably a guard or small forward, to come and join and create another big 3 in the NBA. If they are able to land Love, they will no doubt have to give up more then they want to, but it would be so worth the investment. Should they land the all-star forward, it would be a huge step in the right direction. Love said himself, he doesn't need to challenge for a championship right now, but to show signs, be a capable playoff team, something he has yet to taste. Acquiring Love would get them into the playoffs right out of the gate. 

So if anyone is going to acquire Love, you better step up to the plate and you better do it quick. You better blow Minnesota's socks off quick. Because another team may do it even that much quicker...