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Poor Execution Leads to Game 2 Miami Win. What To Expect in Game 3

This has the makings to be a great Finals

When you talk about the San Antonio Spurs, 9.5 times out of 10 you can bet your bottom dollar that when it's crunch time, they will play within their system and execute, execute, execute.

Last night's game 2, in the final two minutes was a poor indicator of how the Spurs play on a nightly basis. Had they executed properly, there's a good chance they would be heading to Miami, up 2 love in the Finals. Down two points in the last minute and the ball in one of the best playmakers on their roster, Manu Ginobili inexplicably threw the ball away in what looked like to be an intended pass for an all of a sudden 28 year old Tim Duncan. Not a bad call but just a god awful pass indeed. It found it's way right out of bounds. Very uncharacteristic for a team that is the model for which teams should play half court offense.

With the lead and the ball, the Heat looked to run the clock out and in the process take a decent shot and maybe give themselves a nice little lead with only seconds to go. Had they missed, the Spurs wouldn't have too much time to set up a play and get the game into overtime. Again the Spurs defensively did not execute. Miami had been passing the ball around just draining the clock. The Spurs let Dwayne Wade keep cutting underneath the hoop while Boris Diaw did his best running around like a chicken with it's head cut off type of defense. He was high, he was low and when it mattered, he let Wade stay underneath the hoop while LeBron drove to the cup only to dish it to Wade for the easy finish. Game over. 

Who know's what would have happened had the Spurs made the stop. No matter how you slice it, dice it, or serve it, both teams head to Miami with a win apiece. I fully expect to see what this series has to offer. This has been all that's been advertised. This is going to be a hard fought series, a lot of back and forth, a lot of vintage Duncan, a lot of LeBron. I don't think you San Antonio fail to execute as poorly as they did at the end of game 2., given that opportunity again. Miami did their job in taking home court away from the Spurs, now the next few are in Miami. If San Antonio wants to take the series back, they need to steal one on the road, something I think they will do. The Spurs are not your typical team in which they struggle away from home. They are too disciplined for that, thanks to Coach Pop. Miami is a very good home team and they will look to keep all the pressure on San Antonio. Each game is as important to the others. Games 3 and 5 will dictate the rest of the series. But for the sake of game 3, I think the Spurs steal this game late. I don't see them executing as poorly as they did down the stretch last night. 

In a series that looked like the Spurs were going to take the Heat in 5 to 6 games (myself included), Miami said "Um, wait a minute. We're the defending Champs here, chumps." And they certainly looked like it. I fully expect this series to go 7 games. It's completely up in the air as of now. Miami did what they were supposed to do, winning one on the road and stealing home court advantage. San Antonio will look to do the same.