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Why Kendrick Perkins could be key to Boston

Could Perkins be amnestied?

With the NBA Finals right around the corner, free agency is on the other end of it. With rumors swirling around the Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo or the Minnesota Timberwolves Kevin Love or New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony, one name out there that will go unnoticed is Kendrick Perkins. He is a big body center that can protect the rim, grab a few rebounds and foul, foul, foul. Should the Celtics acquire All-star power forward Kevin Love from the T-Wolves, they should turn some amount of attention to Kendrick Perkins outside of getting another semi star player to pair with Love and Rondo, and here is why.

Outside of not understanding a word that comes out of his mouth, I believe Kendrick Perkins is going to be an amnesty player this offseason as he is due over $9 million dollars next season. I would not blame Oklahoma City for doing so, as he just does not fit how they play. He is more of a half court player with little to no offensive skills. He is a defensive minded player that gets his points off of offensive rebounds. Also his contract is not financially worth the investment in paying someone that kind of money for someone that plays 20 minutes a game. A player amnestied still earns the money he was scheduled to make, however it does not go against that teams salary cap. So any team that signs him, can sign him on their terms, while he still earns money from his previous contract. It's a win-win for Perkins. 

Also, the Celtics have not had a rim protector outside of Kevin Garnett since Perkins was shipped out to Oklahoma City with Nate Robinson for Jeff Green. Some say that had Perkins never got hurt in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Lakers in 2010, the Celtics would have won the Finals that year. I firmly believe that he was the key to that series. After the injury, the Lakers got to the rim at will, blowing by the likes of Rasheed Wallace. Wallace was past the point of serviceable at that point of his career. Perkins defense was noticeably better when he played better centers such as Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol. While his stats have never been sexy, his tough nose defense was and that is something that Celtics lack on the roster right now. 

With players like Greg Monroe out on the market come season's end it would be hard for the Celtics to look passed someone like him. I agree that the Celtics should make a little bit of a run at him, mostly because he is an athletic rim protector that will average a double-double for you on a nightly basis. However, on the open market he is going to command A LOT of money because bigs like him are very rare and someone will pay A LOT for his services and I don't think the Celtics will. This is where someone like Perkins would come in handy. Serviceable, affordable, and a big body to clog up the paint, signing someone like that makes a ton of sense for a team looking to go all in on Love. Love is most certainly not known for his defense and he will not be able to guard athletic centers should the Celtics acquire him. That's why signing a Perkins for pennies on the dollar makes sense. Taking pressure of your newly acquired superstar (that's a big if). It makes too much sense for trader Danny.