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Please Stop These Jordan/LeBron Comparisons

Can you compare the two?

I get it. LeBron James is amazing. But these arguments need to stop. 

LeBron is as close to Michael Jordan as we will ever see. He is a legitimate walking triple-double threat every time he steps on to the court. He's currently making Lance Stephenson eat his words, dumbest thing he could possibly do. LeBron is dominate. The most dominate player in the NBA right now. The most loved and the most hated. A class act of the court to say the least. No run-ins with the law or anything remotely that has to do with any kind of legal action, which says a lot about the man himself. But I believe right now he's a more dominate version of Oscar Robertson. While I most certainly never watched Oscar Robertson play at my ripe young age, you do your homework on the guy if you want to learn anything about the NBA. The last person to average a triple-double in a season. Very impressive to say the least. Oscar could do anything that was needed in the course of a game and help his team get a win. That is what LeBron James is to me.

Michael Jordan is and will always be in a league of his own. Every next great thing that comes along will always be compared to Michael Jordan's career. Not LeBron James. The next person to average 30 points per game in a season will be compared to Michael Jordan, not LeBron James. The next person to hit a game winner in the NBA Finals will be compared to THE Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player to ever play the game. Bar none. Did Jordan have good teams built around him? Of course he did. But so has LeBron, if not better. While the NBA has changed a little bit as far as athletes are concerned, the game is faster, the players are stronger, but the fouls are weaker. In Jordan's day, you earned your free throw attempts. Who knows how many more points Jordan would have scored if he got nicked like James does. A highly underrated part of Jordan's game was his defense. Jordan was the defensive player of the year in 1988. Jordan was also a 9 time 1st team All-NBA Defensive team member. A lot of people seem to forget that. He averaged 30 points per game for his career. He's a 5-time NBA MVP and a 6-time NBA Champion. The argument ends there.

Is LeBron on his way to that type of greatness? Maybe so. But he's not there yet, I'm sorry. People are going to read this and think I'm a LeBron hater. I'm actually not. Am I a fan of his? No. Do I hate the guy? No. But do I know a great basketball player when I see one? Obviously. James is above and beyond the greatest basketball player in the world right now. I'm in awe every single time the ball is in his hands. He's an athletic freak who is now becoming a crunch time, clutch NBA player. Something he was not in Cleveland. I guess you could say he has earned the right to start being discussed with the likes of Bird, Jordan, and Magic. But that doesn't mean he has surpassed them yet. In comparison, LeBron is by far more athletic then any one of those players. But each one of them thoroughly dominated their time period in the NBA. As clutch as anyone has ever been in the NBA. While LeBron is on his way, he is not there yet. He has only scratched the surface. He hasn't had that signature moment in NBA playoff game in my eyes, aside from his outburst against the Detroit Pistons years back. But that's my opinion. When I say defining moments, I consider this something where you say "Do you remember when LeBron did this?" I could be wrong and sound like a complete idiot because not a whole lot comes to mind. When you say that about Jordan, you can think back to the flu game, a game in which he carried the Bulls to a road win scoring well over 30 points as Scottie Pippen was helping a dehydrated Jordan walk off the court. The layup. Yes, the layup. Air Jordan flying through the air to cram a dunk down the opposing team's throat, only to finish with the opposite hand. The 63 points against Bird's Celtics. Oh, and the jumper in Utah against Bryon Russell. Those, to me, are what defining moments are. 


So until he's become a 5-time MVP, has won 4 to 5 or 6 NBA titles, then you can start to compare bodies of work. Again, the greatest player we have seen in the past 10 years of the NBA. The most athletic and dominate play in the NBA in the past 10 years. Has been doing it all in the past 10 years. You notice a pattern there? Exactly. 

LeBron is the best player in the world, I get that. He still has plenty of time to cement his legacy as one of the best to ever do it, whether that's in Miami or if he goes back home to Cleveland (which I think he should do). The body of work speaks for itself. He's great. He's going to be all-time great by the end of his career. You'd be an idiot to not think that. He could very well be a top-5 player to ever play the game when it's all said and done. He's in the prime of his career and getting better. I'm not dumb, if I could have LeBron on my team, you best believe I'm taking him in a heartbeat. But for the love of god, pump the brakes on the Jordan/LeBron talk. Talk to me when he's got as much as Jordan has, or wait until he's at least retired. Then we can compare and contrast...

I want you input. Is LeBron James as good as Michael Jordan at this point in his career? You tell me!!