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Red Sox End 10 Game Skid. Cue The Duck Boats...

You knew it wouldn't least forever. They had to win at some point, right? Well they did and honestly, they did it in typical 2013 Red Sox fashion. 

Clay Buchholz at this point is next to useless the way he's been pitching. And that really is too bad because he still has all the talent in the world. He's just struggling right now. A start or two skipped in the rotation may do him some justice. They certainly need him for the stretch run. And I still believe he will come back, vintage form and all. Buchholz aside, the bullpen came through when it needed to. They kept the Sox in with a fighting chance. Giving the Sox bats a chance to break through. In the 5th inning, with 2 outs and Ervin Santana cruising through the lineup, you can almost smell doom. This isn't about to happen, they're again DONE. Daniel Nava came to the plate and in typical Daniel Nava 2013 form, he had an elongated at bat against Santana and wore him down. Each at bat after that, they worked hard and diligently for the bat behind them. The Laser Show, Dustin Pedrioa came through with a 2 run base hit to cut the lead in half 6-3 with a little under half the game left. With 2 on and still 2 out, Mr. Clutch himself, David Ortiz ties the game with an opposite field homerun to tie it up. The rains then came and you wondered if it would halt them from what could have been. But it did not stop them. They were able to manufacture runs, like I said it before, like the 2013 Boston Red Sox. The big score was the Ortiz sacrifice fly with the bases loaded. They would tally one more run and insert Closer, Koji Uehara and he would then slam the door, like the 2013 Boston Red Sox. 

So as I've repeated what probably was 100 times of saying the 2013 Boston Red Sox, this game had the feel for it. It seemed like everything they did to fight back for a lead, manufacture runs, rely on a solid bullpen to keep them in the game, was essentially watching last year's team, which happen to win the World Series. And while I'm not really saying 'cue the duck boats', it truly had a feel for last year and this could be the game that starts something special. I'm not saying that they need to win 50 out of their next 55 games. What I am saying is if they can take 2 out of 3 games every series, they will be sitting pretty by the end of the year. And they can do it with this roster. They showed their heart last night battling back to win a game late and it just goes to show that they don't need an all-star caliber player to help. There have been whispers of looking for outfield help with the likes of Andre Eithier, Carlos Gonzalez, and Giancarlo Stanton. And while they surely would look nice in a Sox uniform, they don't need that type of caliber player to win games. They did it without that last year, why can't they do it again this year? They need to work for each other and this is something I believe will happen going forward. They will need to continue to work the opposing teams starter into long at bats. Wearing him out at bat after at bat. Manufacture runs and win innings. They need to get quality starts from their rotation, something has been as rare as seeing Jacoby Ellsbury uninjured a full calender year. Continue to get healthy and start winning some series, back to back. 

The Sox look to continue, what they hope is good fortune, and win game two of the series with Atlanta. Jon Lester takes the mound tonight, looking to get back to his winning ways with a solid outing tonight. . And they could certainly use one and start a little streak of their own. And yes, David Ross is catching for him tonight.