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Minor Upkeep: Avery Bradley

With all the talk around town being that of Kevin Love and a potential fit in Boston, the man pictured just below has become the forgotten. A restricted free-agent at the conclusion of the NBA Finals, Avery Bradley looks to cash in for the first time in his career when his rookie deal expires. Now it's been widely reported that earlier in the season, Bradley turned down a 4 year, 24 million dollar deal. Something I think he is going to regret after his injury plagued season.

Bradley is a very serviceable player who has developed a mid-range jumper and has also knocked down a corner three or two. This coupled with his all world defense. His defense is what will earn his his next contract, where ever that may be. But his injury history is going to have his potential suitors cringe a bit. While I'm in no way, shape or form saying that hes not worth 6 million dollars annually because I believe he is, I don't think that he's going to generate that kind of contract buzz on the open market. And being a restricted free-agent (Celtics have the option to match any contract offer he receives from other teams within a 7-day period) it's going to be tough for him to get a contract like that knowing the Celtics have a chance to take him right back.

If the Celtics create the fireworks everyone in the organization has promised all fans of the game, I believe they should re-sign Bradley. I don't think you add him to a sign and trade to get your superstars, IE: Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony etc.

I think you re-sign him for the sole purpose of keeping his defense. I think you re-sign him because he is a valuable player that can help you win games where you need it the most. I think you re-sign him because he is the perfect compliment to come off the bench for instant offense. If his offense doesn't get him by, his defense always will. 

He has earned himself a lucrative contract and can offer a ton to any team he lands on, whether that be the Celtics or someone else. The next question is, do the Celtics value him that much? Or has he outplayed his way out of Boston?