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Cavs win 2014 NBA Draft Lottery. Wait, what?

James awaits a free throw while talking to potential future teammate Kyrie Irving

Cleveland? Really? Like LeBron needed anymore of a reason to go back to Cleveland where, let's not forget: the city he sold out on. LeBron aside, 3 out of the last 4 years, Cleveland has been awarded the first pick via, the draft lottery. Not only did they win it this year. They won it with astronomical 1.7 percent chance. Really? You're trying to tell me that it's all ping pong balls? You're meaning to tell me that the 76ers, the Celtics, the Lakers, Magic, and etc. didn't deserve to have the first pick? Give me a break. I'm in no way saying the Cavs don't deserve the pick. But do they really? 3 out of the last 4 have been theirs. Cleveland is better then the teams these so called ping pong balls dictated. This is also another reason why, in the NBA, you cannot tank. It's too dangerous and heartbreaking. Is the lottery truly legitimate? A lot of "experts" claim it is not. I'm certainly not an expert. Never claiming to be one. But it has to make you think, "How is this remotely possible?" You look at teams like the 76ers, Lakers, and Celtics, with worse records, that have better chances to land a top 3 pick. Around the 33 percent range. Only Philadelphia ended up in the top 3. 1.7 percent remember that. Cleveland better not botch this one up. Which leads me to my next point...

Does the NBA and/or the world really want LeBron back in Cleveland? Does Cleveland want him back in Cleveland? The stars are aligned perfectly. The lottery has pretty much signified that. And with Johnny Football in town, Cleveland looks to become a place to attract more free agents in every sport. It's looking like Cleveland is picking up steam and more people are becoming fans and hopping on this Cleveland bandwagon. Which is have no problem with. I really don't. My problem lies in how, at times, the NBA is run. It's awfully convenient for LeBron to have a chance to opt out of his deal to become a free agent. Oh, how much more enticing is it that Cleveland has the number one pick? How convenient is it that with the right moves, they can offer him max dollars? It's too obvious and people just turn their heads the other way. I love the NBA but come on!

Salty stuff aside, we all knew LeBron was going to go back to Cleveland eventually. It's pretty obvious. It really was just a matter of when? Now with this number 1 pick selection, Cleveland cannot miss. The top 5 is loaded with talent. From Wiggins to his teammate Embiid, Cleveland can ill afford to let this pick not pan out. But what better to combat that then have your homegrown talent come back to save your city, like The Dark Knight Rises.Still, the question remains, if LeBron does end up back in Cleveland, what kind of team is going to be built around him? He's already got an all - star point guard, which he's never had in his career. Depth at all positions and the talent there is young. Let's face it, where ever LeBron ends up, he can take some serious talent with him. I would not be surprised if an impending free agent would take enough of a "discount" to go play with a sure fire hall of famer in LeBron and budding superstar Kyrie Irving, and a potential first pick stud. Honestly, you'd have to be pretty ignorant to decide to pass on that kind of opportunity.

I've never been a LeBron fan, as my allegiance has been in New England. All New England sports. But I'm not an idiot. I'm completely realistic. LeBron is by far the best player in the world. A proven winner in the NBA and Olympics. So where ever he may end up (I still say Cleveland), don't be surprised if he takes a star with him. Don't be surprised if his next team is near the top at the end of the year. Don't be surprised if he's holding up the finals trophy next year. Don't be surprised if he does that in Cleveland.

LeBron, you've got some unfinished business to take care of in Cleveland. This is your last chance to make things right. Pick up the pieces you left behind. Swallow your pride amd go back home. They may hate you at first. But they're going to love you at the end of the day...