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Corey Kluber Should Fire His Agent!

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
After a Cy Young, Kluber cashed in. But is that enough?

After a Cy Young award winning season, a dominate one in the American League at that, Corey Kluber was rewarded for his efforts from the Cleveland Indians. A contract to the tune of a 5 year, $38 million dollars. While no one in this world or gods green earth should ever piss and moan about earning $38 million dollars, he does have a bit of a reason to gripe. 

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

To put it in perspective, Corey Kluber had an amazing year, compiling a 18 win and 9 loss season with an ERA of 2.44 while also striking out 269 batters. Rick Porcello, who inked a 4 year, $ 82.5 million dollar deal days later, compiled a 15 win and 13 loss season with a 3.43 ERA, striking out 129 batters in what is being described as a career year for the righty. 

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Right there is all the more reason to be upset. But then again, is Kluber setting himself up for another monster contract down the road? Banking on being that go for that period of time is a big gamble, but if he wanted to really get payed more, he should have waited. If Porcello received that much money on what the Red Sox think he can be, then in all honesty, Red Sox bias aside, I think Kluber could have made more then what the Sox gave up. If we're basing it off one year of success, to me it's not really that close. And don't get me wrong, I really like Porcello as a pitcher and I believe he's going to pitch extremely well and I loved the signing, but I just believe that Kluber could have made, bare minimum, the same amount, if not more. 

Now I'm not so sure what his agent had been telling him leading up to this moment. Something tells me he read the market extremely wrong because starting pitching is at a premium right now and any solid pitcher is getting LARGE contracts from teams. This is an absolute steal for the Indians, as they locked up a pitcher at very low dollar amounts, for a long time. He is only going to get better and I bet it won't be too long before you hear about him commanding some sort of extension in the form of more cash, or some sort of trade if that mess hits the fan.