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Celts Making The Playoffs: Good or Bad?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
Celtics are on the hunt for the 8th seed

​Is making the playoffs good or bad for the Celtics?

It all depends on who you ask. Some say no with legitimate reasoning. The more games they lose, the better chance to get a higher pick within the draft lottery. 

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Let me tell you a little question about the draft lottery: Do you remember the last team that won the draft lottery whom actually had the highest odds to win the draft lottery? No you do not. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the draft lottery last offseason and they had a .8% chance of winning the damn thing. 

Losing does not solve anything in the NBA. Draft picks don't net as much in trades like they used to and the talent that comes out of college just one as good as the talent from 10 to 15 years ago. These kids that drop out of high school to go play professionally overseas aren't nearly as successful. These one and done kids aren't nearly as good as A Carmelo Anthony or a Kevin Durant were coming out of college. So what is the point of tanking? There are no LeBron James coming out of college. There are no sure things in the draft anymore. There are no safe bets. So what is the point of tanking? The potential for a high draft choice? To me that's not necessary or worth the risk. 

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The most logical thing to do is try to win. Build with the talent that you have. Work with your cornerstones or what you consider your cornerstones of your franchises. With free agency, it's borderline impossible to build the draft as it is. If you show a willingness to spend and build around what you have, have a coach worth building around, which the Celtics do, why not keep building for the future? Brad Stevens has turned a team with absolutely no shot of a playoff appearance, to one on the cusp of playoff glory. And even if they don't make the playoffs, this team has already over achieved given what's on their roster. But what they do have is is a solid nucleus of NBA talent. That alone could draw big ticket free agents to Boston. An up and coming team on the verge of a playoff spot has to be enticing to a player who could bring them over the top. 

The best scenario is pushing for the playoffs and I don't even think it's close. You're not going to be able to land free agents just because you're the Boston Celtics. Players don't care about tradition anymore, which is sad, but is true. Players want to got to a team with a chance to win, has plenty of cash to give you and another star player or two to contend with teams like the Cavs. This is something the Celtics have all of going forward:


Playoff aspirations

Good nucleus

Great coach

It's not even close. Win. Win. Win.