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Nationals/Mariners World Series Favorites. Right or Wrong?

Nationals and Mariners are favorites. Is this right?

​@ESPN took a poll of more then 100 players during spring training and 30 percent of those believe that the Nationals will playing in the Fall Classic. With the acquisition of Max Scherzer, it's kind of hard to go against the grain with that pick. The Nationals were already World Series contenders with its roster last year, to which most of is back and healthy. Adding Scherzer only strengthens those odds and with the likes of Jordan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, and Doug Fister, who currently make up the rest of the rotation, again it's hard to go against that. 

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Offensively they are still going to be one of the National Leagues best. With Dennard Span, Ryan Zimmerman pending health, Jayson Werth, and Bryce Harper in the fold, the Nationals will challenge most, if not all on most offensive categories this year. The Nationals combination of offense, defense, starting pitching, and relievers make them the team to beat in the NL. 

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With teams like San Diego bolstering it's whole roster, I believe the Padres have the best chance to challenge the Nationals by seasons end. Adding some serious offense with the likes of Justin Upton, Wil Myers, Matt Kemp, and even a low risk trade in Will Middlebrooks, offensively they should challenge Washington. Adding James Shields to a young pitching staff that employs young stud pitcher Tyson Ross, the Padres, on paper, look to be the Nationals biggest threat along with the Dodgers. 

The American League favors the Seattle Mariners with a little more then 15 percent of the vote. This tells me a little more that the American League is wide open. It's hard to vote against the public with this one but this won't be without a fight. The American League is loaded with offensive talent all over. Team's like the Angels, Tigers, Yankees, Blue Jays, and a newly revamped Red Sox offense pose big threats to the Mariners who in their right added a little more fire power in Nelson Cruz to pair with Robinson Cano.

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To me, the American League is going to come down to pitching and there isn't a ton of it but there's some. Detroit, on paper, posses the best starting rotation in the AL, with David Price, Justin Verlander and Anibal Sanchez headlining. Seattle has Felix Hernandez atop of its rotation which also employs Hisashi Iwukama, and Taijuan Walker.

To fuel debate, I'd like to start with my World Series picks:

Nationals and Tigers


Padres and Red Sox (pending trade for ace)