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Why Can't We Just Talk Football?

These men are dominating headlines without wearing a uniform

With all the talk in the NFL having absolutely nothing to do with what is actually happening in the NFL, one has to wonder what this world is coming to. All we have heard since training camp is the Ray Rice saga and Josh Gordon smoking pot and driving under the influence. Johnathan Dwyer also being the latest case with a domestic dispute. Now with what is going on with Adrian Peterson and the child abuse scandal and partially what behind the scene sketchiness in the case of Roger Goodell, there will be nothing on TV, on the radio, online, and in the newspapers about actual football. It’ll be about suspensions, arrests and what have you.

Listen, I’m partially guilty myself, writing about Ray Rice ( 

but, the game of football itself never left my sight. The main reason we are all here blogging, reading, communicating, is because of the game itself. I understand it’s all big news because of the athletes themselves, especially now with arguably the best running back in the NFL being deactivated this past week, but we can’t continue to lose sight on what is happening with the game. This is the only issue I have with social media and I’m a part of it. We tend to over blow situations like this, dig deeper to find out how someone truly is, find out if they are truly as abusive and stupid as they come off now. And I have no problem with people and commentary on it. But when you heard the word “football”, we’re now associating domestic violence, child abuse, and drugs with it instead of focusing anything on the game. That’s a shame.

Why can’t we talk about how team’s like the Indianapolis Colts are shockingly 0-2? Why can’t we talk about how the Philadelphia Eagles rallied two straight weeks in crazy fashion to find themselves 2-0? Why can’t we talk about how the Houston Texans finding themselves atop of the AFC Souths standings? Why can’t we talk about Knile Davis, Bobby Rainey filling in admirably for their teams starting running backs? Why can’t we talk about Brandon Marshalls not one, not two, but three touchdowns in a Sunday Night Football upset? Why can’t we talk about exciting rookie Sammy Watkins? Why can’t we talk about why your fantasy team sucks or is dominating? There is so much going on in the NFL that is so good that we are missing out on by paying attention to these athletes that, quite frankly, are pissing money away for doing stupid things and I have no remorse for that.

Like I have said, I’m just as guilty as others as I have dug into the Peterson, Gordon, and Rice issues. But I never lost sight of the actual game. Reading up on all these player’s with the off-field issues made me realize even more that the NFL is so good, even with its currently tarnished image status. There have been so many good stories and surprising starts to this season that we shouldn’t have ever lost track of.

Do yourself a favor and read up one some positive things that’s going on in the NFL right now. Read or write a surprising story like how the Buffalo Bills are 2-0. Talk about Darren Sproles massive game against the Colts. Write about how New England is trying to piece together a 60 minute win, getting Brady and it’s offense on-track. Discuss with other bloggers how the Seattle Seahawks were thoroughly outplayed by the San Diego Chargers. Hell, talk about Jim Nance and Phil Simms doing the Thursday Night Football games...

The substance is there, everyone. Push that off-field nonsense aside and let’s talk about the game! Am I wrong for thinking that?