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We Reflect On Scary Baseball Injuries. Warning: GRAPHIC

A very scary scene at Miller Park Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
A very scary scene at Miller Park
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

With what happened in Milwaukee last night, it had me wondering about some other serious injuries that happen on the diamond. Last night, Miami Marlins All-star slugger Giancarlo Stanton was in the face with a pitch by starting pitcher Mike Fiers. It certainly was a very scary injury to say the least and obviously all of us here on send our thoughts and prayers Stantons way and hope for a speedy recovery. 

Stantons X-Rays revealed multiple facial fractures as well as some dental damage. One has to wonder if he was concussed, though medical staff said he was conscious and alert during the whole situation. It has also been reported that Stanton wants to return this season. You also have to wonder from his standpoint if it's really worth it for him to do so, but it also shows his toughness and willingness to help his team. For those that havent seen the video from last nights horrific incident, here is a look at it: 


Obviously a very scary sight. Fiers was noticeably upset, so it's pretty obvious that it wasn't intentional. Fiers battled controlled issues all night, only pitching through the fifth inning. Stanton as taken to a nearby Milwaukee hospital where they have determined that he will NOT need surgery to take care of the facial fractures. A very positive bit of news. Not that this has anything to do with the injury, but I don't think this will hurt Stanton's future as a player, I do not think this will hurt his future when he signs a new contract, and I don't think this will hurt his future regarding where he potentially lands this offseason, Miami included.

After watching the video over and over again, feeling sick with each and every view, I got to thinking about other notable baseball injuries that have happened in the past. Quite frankly they are all painful to watch which is why I'll only do three more. Again, VERY GRAPHIC

Alex Cobb struck by a line drive

Bryce Florie another line drive. Absolutely Scary. Fast forward to about 50 seconds.

Adam Greenberg in his only Major League at-bat at the time. Once a promising career that was quickly derailed. Very, very scary.

All of these athletes endured a long road back to wear they are now. You never wish this upon anyone, but these guys never gave up on their career and well-being and still were able to fulfill lifelong dreams of playing Major League Baseball. Stanton will be no different. I fully expect him to come back and be the player he was prior to the injury. It wouldn't shock me, though, if it took a little bit of time to feel comfortable in the batter's box and I hope people would understand that if he struggles a little bit out of the gate. You can't expect him to come back 110% ready when he does, but when finds his comfort, look out.