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Poll Question: Has Your Opinion Of Ray Rice Changed?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Today, video has surfaced of suspended running back Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens punching then girlfriend Janay Palmer in an elavator earlier this year. The video was leaked via TMZ this morning. The video is pretty graphic to say the least. The video shows Rice and Palmer arguing outside of the elavtor before eventually going into it. From there is when it starts getting a little more nutty. Palmer was seen in the video as going after Rice in which Rice responded with not one, but two blow's to the head, one of which knocked her unconscious, while also hitting he head on the handle bar inside of the elavator. From that point, Rice moves her limp body around, even half kicking her to try to get her to wake up before having to deal with any consiquence. She finally wakes up to people around her and still noticeably upset with Rice. 

The video can be seen right below. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!

Very disturbing to say the least. And whether Rice was provoked or not, hitting a woman has not and will not ever be accepted by society. Even with alcohol involved, there is no reason to punch his wife in the face, let alone punch her at all, in my opinion. Yelling and screaming would have been more then enough, with the possibility of still getting trouble. Palmer had filed charges against Rice and then later dropped them, also getting married to the running back in the process. Pretty loving relationship. Toxic is more like it. 

Rice was then slapped on the wrist and patted on the butt on the way out of the commissioners office, getting suspended for TWO, count them, one, two, games to start the season. Roger Goodell completely dropped the ball on this one and now that this video has surfaced, one has to wonder is he's now regretting that decision because it completely make Goodell look like an idiot for such a small penalty. But Josh Gordon gets a year for smoking a joint. Where is the logic in this? Is it because this is technically Ray Rice's first run in with the law and the league? A player smoking pot and getting caught for the first time get's four games but someone beating their wife get's two games? What is this world coming to? Either way, the NFL, Roger Goodell, and whomever was involved in this decision making ABSOLUTELY dropped the ball here. For his sake, Rice should be counting his blessings and kissing some serious feet. Meanwhile, I'm hoping Josh Gordon is reinstated, ALL because of this Ray Rice fiasco (and for my fantasy team *cough cough*)

Regardless, does seeing this video change your opinion on Ray Rice? Does is make it worse? Or was the video what you expected? If the NFL had never seen the video as they claim to have not, you have to wonder if they will do any more then they have (doubtful). But if you're the Ravens, after finally seeing the damage, do you let go of the guy? The video is brutal. You have to think that they will at least look into it. Maybe he will land on his feet somewhere but as an organization, do you want to continue to cover up this situation? 

 Do give your input.